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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Yule Festival Event Guide

This holiday season is one that has extended hundreds of years even all the way to the Viking era. Christmas cheer has come to England so celebrate with Eivor and the other inhabitants of the Ravensthorpe colony. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the game’s first seasonal event celebration called the Yule Festival. During this time there are new festive quests and contests you can take part in throughout Ravensthorpe.

There are five main events which reward you with Yule Tokens that can be used to get event-exclusive items. Some of these items are cosmetics like the settlement decorations and tattoos, but others like the armor set and weapons actually provide in game bonuses to Eivor.

If you’d like to know more about the event, where to start, how to get the rewards. Then follow us for a complete guide to our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Yule Festival guide below.


Starting the Yule Festival

The Yule Festival begins immediately open entering the eastside of your colony after you’ve downloaded Season 1 Update 1. You’ll trigger a cutscene where Eivor and Norvid will speak on the festive look of the settlement. This festive change is thanks to a group called the ‘revelers.’ Once the event starts, players automatically gain access to Norvid’s Festival Shop, two seasonal quests, and three Yule Festival competitions that can be used to earn Yule Tokens.

You’ll want to start collecting Yule Tokens as soon as possible and this can be done by completing Yule Festival Events. All of the events you can complete are marked on your map and we’ll be covering all of the different types below. Remember if you’re grinding for more Yule Tokens, all the event activities can be replayed for more tokens.


“The Case Of The Missing Ale” Quest

AC Valhalla seasonal quest

Reward: 140 Yule Tokens and unlocks Ake as an opponent to fight during Braun’s Folly.

To start ‘The Case of the Missing Ale’ Yule Festival seasonal side quest you’ll need to have the Brewery built in your settlement.

Begin by talking to the reveler in the brewery named Alwin and he’ll reveal that the Ale brewed especially for the Yule Festival has vanished. To track it down you’ll need to find Ake, Tekla’s apprentice. To find Ake you need to leave the settlement and follow the quest marker east to Grantebridgescire.

Talking to Ake will eventually lead to a brawl, as the drunken apprentice is a bit too foolhardy for his own good. Defeat him and Eivor will tell Ake that they will find the barrels together.

You’ll need to infiltrate the nearby bandit camp and recover the crate of missing ale, killing as many or as few of the bandits as you want in the process.

Where To Find The Secret Brew

To get the secret brew leave the cliffside where you fought Ake and head to the southeast until you reach the bandit camp called Utbech. In the Utbech camp search the only raised hut to find the secret brew inside. Pick up the barrel to receive the next quest objective to take it to Ake.

Once you have the barrel head to the southwest of the bandit camp until you reach the shoreline of the Great Ouse River. On the shoreline you will encounter Ake who is next to his boat. To speak to Ake you need to ensure you are anonymous. Avoid combat on the way to Ake. Once you do reach him another cutscene will trigger. This cutscene ends the mission.