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Watch Dogs: Legion – Recruiting The Best Operatives

Watch Dogs: Legion changes the Watch Dogs formula in a major way with the recruitment system. Instead of just one hacking savant, you have a team of operatives that you can recruit to DedSec. Be it a construction worker, an Albion employee or even just a good old fashioned hitman. You can round up a variety of character’s to meet your needs. In this guide, we’ll explain what abilities to look for in a recruit, which ones to focus on and which ones you can probably avoid.

Every person in London is a potential character for you to play. Their abilities — occupation, outfit, gadgets, weapons, skills, and even unique emotes — make them different from one another. Think of your team as a roster of abilities. The more abilities a character has the more versatile and, therefore, the more useful your team will be. Here’s a list of operatives and abilities for you to keep an eye out when recruiting your operatives.

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The Best Occupations To Recruit

Instead of getting bogged down recruiting every person you see until you fill your team roster, you should focus on recruiting only a few versatile people. These people might become your go-to’s, but, more importantly, they’ll be the ones you use to recruit everyone else later on.

Construction Worker

Location: Any construction site. And during an early story mission.

You’ll recruit a Construction Worker as part of an early story mission, so you don’t have to go out of your way to do this. Construction workers are so useful; their nail gun acts as a silenced pistol, so you can one-shot enemies in the head from behind cover. The construction uniform allows them to infiltrate construction sites easily without being spotted, plus their cargo drone can be climbed and flown to pretty much any spot in the game, including rooftops that don’t have alternate access.


Location: Outside the M16 building in Lambeth, right by the River Thames. You can also turn Westminster defiant to unlock a mission to recruit a spy.

When you complete the three borough uprising activities (marked with a red icon on your map) in the City of Westminster, you’ll get a mission to recruit a Spy+. Do that early. As you’d expect, a spy is equipped with some seriously spectacular stuff. The P9 Silenced is an excellent disposal tool, killing most enemies in one or two headshots, and the Spy Watch will jam any enemy weapons in the vicinity. They also have a Spy Car you can summon nearby whenever you need a quick getaway, which comes equipped with both homing missiles and a cloak to hide from pursuers.

Albion Employees

Location: There’s an abundance of these grunts around London

Albion employees (like Contractors or Recruiters) come with the Uniformed Access – Albion Locations ability. Since Albion goons are the big bad in Watch Dogs: Legion, you’re going to deal with their Restricted Areas a lot. The easiest way to recruit an Albion Contractor is by buying the Deep Profiler tech upgrade. Upgrade from the Tech menu for 25 Tech Points.

The Deep Profiler upgrade gives you an extra option when attempting to recruit someone who dislikes DedSec. aka Albion. Running a Deep Profile on someone gives you Recruitment Leads — a sub-mission to complete that will open up their recruitment mission.

Clan Kelley Member

The other goonish big bad you’ll deal with are from Clan Kelley. Find someone with Uniformed Access – Clan Kelley Locations so you can walk around more freely. You’ll want the Deep Profiler tech upgrade for this one as well.

Professional Hitman

Location: Head to Nine Elms and complete the red tasks, going from oppressed to defiant. And then take on the mission Black Hole of Battersea to recruit a Hitman.

While spies are excellent at being covert, go for a professional hitman if you want to do killing and lots of it. Each hitman in the game comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons, which could vary from one character to another, but usually, they carry a G36 assault rifle and Desert Eagle pistol. Both of which are murder machines and came in so useful during late-game missions. They can also perform instant gun takedowns, along with a combat roll to dodge attacks.

Drone Expert

Location: In front of Parliament in the City of Westminster

You’ll need a Drone Expert in Watch Dogs: Legion if you plan on hacking your way through the most challenging missions, they come equipped with a shock drone or tinker with drones turning them into floating bombs. Causing serious problems for any enemies in the area. Plus, they know the drone betray hack from the get-go, so you don’t need to invest tech points into it.


Location: Look for the chrome honeycombs in London parks. You’ll get a Beekeeper when completing the City of London Borough missions.

Now don’t laugh just yet the Beekeeper is one of the best-skilled operatives you can have on your party. They control a swarm of robotic bees that can help stun and inflict damage on enemies. Although the bees in the game are mechanical, they are useful when players need to attack enemies while keeping themselves at a safe distance.