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Watch Dogs: Legion – Best Tech and Gadget Upgrades

Electro-Shock Trap – 15 Tech Points

The Electro-Shock Trap is a non-lethal sticky mine which shocks enemies and heavily damages nearby drones and vehicles.

An alternative to the Attract Hack upgrade is the Electro-Shock Trap. The Electro-Shock Trap is great for neutralizing targets that are on patrol. Typically arming traps will kill someone, but the shock trap just knocks them out cold. A lot of Watch Dogs Legion’s enemies have predictable paths they follow. so you can easily bring them down by setting the trap in their path. This is terrific for when you cannot risk getting up close and personal with.


Disrupt Hack – 15 Tech Points

The Disrupt Hack allows the player to hack into an enemy’s Optik for a short time, distracting them and preventing them from calling reinforcements.

This was the most essential attack upgrade in Watch Dogs 2 to deal with those pesky armoured guards. And it’s no less useful than here in Watch Dogs: Legion. It’s a little difficult going head to head with someone in Watch Dogs, but if you do find yourself throwing down, the Disrupt Hack will trigger their Optik nerve to give them an electric shock. Giving you a bit of time to punch them in the face.

You probably think you won’t need this hack if you just want to stealth the game. But trust us it becomes almost impossible in later missions to avoid having to take down enemies head-on.


LTL 68P DedSec Pistol – 10 Tech Points

The LTL 68P DedSec Pistol is a medium-range, non-lethal pistol which will shock enemies. It is on par with the Taser.

Even though most of the Watch Dogs: Legion operatives come with their own guns, some of them may not. Or they have some that are a little loud and lethal. Not ideal if you’re planning in on sneaking places. When you get the LTL 68P DedSec Pistol the gun will become available to all your operatives. It’s a silenced mid-range pistol capable of taking out enemies non-lethally without breaking stealth. Definitely get the silencer attachment (30 Tech Points) as soon as possible to ensure you get yourself in as little trouble as you can.


DedSec Grenade Launcher – 30 Tech Points

The DedSec Grenade Launcher is a long-range grenade launcher which fires shock grenades which can disable drones and incapacitate enemies in the impact radius.

Having trouble dealing with drones? Want something to light the place up than just a pistol? Then the DeadSec Grenade Launcher is for you. This weapon is terrific for taking down electronic enemies, dealing damage to drones in a wide area. Upgrading it will give you more ammo, letting you deal with any drones that may come hunting for you. Just remember, it’s slow firing so you’ll need to lead your target if it’s moving.


Skin Mesh – 45 Tech Points

The Skin Mesh is an upgrade which reduces the amount of damage the player takes.

Last but not least is Skin Mesh, essentially it’s additional body armour for your operatives and highly useful whether you’re playing stealth or attack. Death is an ever-looming threat in Watch Dogs: Legion, especially if you’re playing with permadeath enabled. Losing your Operatives to a permanent death at any time is hard. It really sucks losing a valuable team member that you care about, not to mention losing out on their unique weapons and abilities. So invest in the skin mesh tech upgrade to keep them safe and decrease the damage taken by all your Operatives across the board.


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