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Watch Dogs: Legion – Best Tech and Gadget Upgrades

Watch Dogs: Legion is the next adventure in the highly succesful open world hacker franchise Watch Dogs. This time we’re in jolly old London town where a facist authoritarianrule has taken over. Activate DedSec once again and recruit almost anyone in the city. For our list of the best operatives tab open our list to check it out here. And equip them with the best Tech Upgrades and Gadgets you can find.

Watch Dogs: Legion can be played in another of ways. Either go in guns blazing or simply disarm and sneak. There’s a various amount of playstyles that can be adapted into the game. So consider this list a starting off point of essentials and then get whatever upgrades you want to get later.


Infiltrator Spiderbot – 10 Tech Points

The Infiltrator Spiderbot, is a small RC robot with eight legs and a body, resembling a spider. It can be used to access small spaces that the player normally cannot access. It can also perform non-lethal takedowns on enemies.

One of the first choices you’ll make in Watch Dogs: Legion is between two gadgets: the Infiltrator Spiderbot and the AR Cloak. Choose the Infiltrator Spiderbot without hesitation. Like the RC Car from Watch Dogs 2, the Spiderbot is essential to Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay. It’s a remote-controlled proxy for your DedSec operative and gets to places that you can’t. A lot of puzzles and hidden items in Legion are only accessible by Spiderbot. You can even perform non-lethal takedowns if you’re sneaky enough with the Infiltrator Spiderbot, making it an essential gadget to take into missions where you want to scope out the lay of the land before you send your DedSec agent in. 

Get the Level 2 upgrade to the Infiltrator Spiderbot early. The level 2 upgrade (20 Tech Points) for the allows the spiderbot to double jump and sprint, which will come in handy when you need to navigate through some tight spaces. The level 3 upgrade (25 Tech Points) for the spiderbot adds a cloaking feature, but you should spend your tech points on other essential upgrades first before coming back for luxury features like invisibility.


Deep Profiler – 25 Tech Points

The Deep Profiler upgrades the standard Profiler to allow the player to see more information about a civilian, including their schedule and contact info. It increases the chances of Recruiting people who dislike DedSec.

When a Potential Recruit dislikes DedSec, they’ll have a red thumbs-down next to their name, and you won’t be able to start a recruitment mission. With Deep Profiler, though, you can unlock a special side mission for that character to sway their opinion of you. Use this Abion operatives, police officers etc.

The Deep Profiler upgrade is a must-have in Watch Dogs: Legion no matter your playstyle. It’s a pricey piece of tech to get, but it’s probably one of the first upgrades you’re going to want to unlock when you have enough Tech Points. As it’ll help you recruit some of the best operatives in the game, as we mentioned before


AR Cloak – 10 Tech Points

The AR Cloak is a device which, when activated, will turn the player invisible for a short period of time. It will allow the player to escape enemies’ line of sight and slip away undetected.

Even if you want to brute force your way into all situations there are parts of London that require a little more tact than that. At least initially. I’m talking about the heavily patrolled Restricted Zones. With the AR cloak, you become temporarily invisible allowing you to sneak by guards or cameras so you can access terminals to turn off servers. It also lets you escape skirmishes you have no chance of winning, should you accidentally get caught snooping where you shouldn’t. A versatile, essential tool.


AR Shroud – 35 Tech Points

The Shroud is an upgrade which allows the player to turn an enemy invisible after taking them down, so other enemies won’t notice them and become suspicious. The enemy is digitally Shrouded after takedown.

Not to be confused with the AR Cloak. The AR Shroud automatically disguises bodies that you knock out. You can also manually shroud anyone you’ve knocked out. What this does is to make it so their allies can’t see them and raise the alarm. This gadget also works on enemies you take down at range. Genius. The AR Shroud is highly useful and something that I wish I had with me in Watch Dogs 2.


Attract Hack – 15 Tech Points

The Attract Hack allows the player to lure enemies over to explosive traps, and when they approach the trap, it detonates, incapacitating them.

If you’ve played Horizon Zero Dawn you’ll know just how useful the whistle function is. Essentially it offers a distraction to someone in an undesirable location. A guard in your way in front of somewhere you want to break in? Just hack the generator nearby and when he leaves his post to check it out – bam! A “non-lethal” explosion that renders him unconscious allowing you to sneak into the door unseen.