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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – What To Know Before Playing

Stasis Grenades

In addition to each of the subclass’ unique abilities, all Stasis subclasses have access to three grenade types.

Glacier Grenade: This grenade can be used to create a wall of Stasis crystals instantly. Enemies close to the detonation area will be frozen inside the crystals. When the crystals are destroyed, the damage is dealt to nearby opponents.

Coldsnap Grenade: Upon touching the ground or an enemy, Coldsnap Grenades will unleash a burst of Stasis energy that seeks out nearby foes and can freeze up to three of them.

Duskfield Grenade: The Duskfield Grenade creates a Stasis field that sucks enemies in, slowing them down. If enemies remain in the field for long enough, they’ll become frozen.


Beyond Light Exotics

There are 10 new Exotic weapons and armour to collect in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. 4 weapons and 6 armour peices.


No Time to Explain: This pulse rifle returns ammo to the magazine when you score precision hits or hits against enemies affected by Stasis. Stacking this effect causes a Darkness portal to spawn over your shoulder and shoot additional bullets. It’s exclusive to owners of the Beyond Light Season 12 Pass. But will be available after Season 12 for all Beyond Light owners.

Cloudstrike: This sniper rifle generates lightning bolts at the point of impact. Repeated precision hits will spawn a full lightning storm.

The Lament: This chainsaw-like sword can be revved up by blocking damage, and then the weapon can be unleashed to shred through shielded enemies. At full rev, it will also heal the user as they do damage.

Salvation’s Grip: This heavy grenade launcher creates Stasis crystals that freeze enemies. It can be charged to increase the number of crystals created per shot.



Icefall Mantle: These Titan gauntlets replace the Barricade ability with an overshield.

Precious Scars: This Titan helmet provides the wearer and allies with an overshield when the wearer is revived.

Mask of Bakris: This Hunter helmet replaces the Hunter’s Dodge with a longer Shift ability that momentarily cloaks the user.

Athrys’s Embrace: These Hunter gauntlets give the Hunter’s Weighted Knife a second ricochet and provide a damage bonus for rapid precision hits with weapons.

Dawn Chorus: This Warlock helmet boosts the damage that the Daybreak Super does and gives back melee ability energy for damage dealt with Solar burn.

Neurotic Grip: These Warlock gauntlets allow you to apply a corruption damage-over-time effect when meleeing enemies. This corruption spreads to other enemies when the first is killed, and killing corrupted energy refunds melee ability energy.


New Ghost Update

Ghosts have gotten an overhaul in Beyond Light. Mod slots and energy levels are being added to them, bringing them in line with the “Armor 2.0” system introduced in 2019’s expansion, Shadowkeep. This change will allow players to customize their Ghost to best suit their favourite playstyles and activities.


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