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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Mushroom Furniture Guide

It’s fall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and for those in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll be experiencing some gorgeous toasty autumnal colours around the island. Complete with the odd mushroom that has sprouted up. Throughout the month of November (May for those in the Southern Hemisphere), you can find five different types of mushrooms scattered across the island. You’ll need to collect them all if you want to complete the ‘Mush Furniture’ set.


Types Of Mushrooms And Where To Find Them

Throughout the month of November the Thin, Round, Flat and Elegant Mushrooms will randomly spawn on the ground. Keep an eye out for them underneath both regular and cedar trees. The last type of Mushroom or Rare Mushroom is buried in the ground and will be marked on the map by stars. Just like fossils.

Note: If you’re hard up for Bells, Elegant Mushrooms go for 10,000 Bells and Rare for 16,000 bells each. A nice little chunk of cash after you’re done crafting the recipes. For more ways to make bells, check out our ‘How to be a Bellionaire’ guide.


Mush Furniture List

You can only find mushroom-based recipes during this time period. You’ll have to shoot down balloons with your Slingshot to find them. If you don’t grab all the recipes before the mushrooms stop growing, you’ll have to wait until next year or get one of your hardworking buddies to help you craft.

Mush Wall

Forest Flooring

Forest Wall

Mush Lamp

Mush Low Stool

Mush Parasol

Mush Partition

Mush Table

Mush Log

Mush Umbrella

Mushroom Wand

Mushroom Wreath


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