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SEA Game Awards 2020 Nominees – Malaysia

ENDURA by IFiO Studio

In ENDURA, you choose one between multiple professional hunters, performing a wide variety of missions such as salvage, deliveries, safeguard and outright battling monsters in an endless journey across the shattered dimensions. As you progress, you will unlock their stories and abilities to help you on your journey. IFiO makes epic fantasy action-adventure games and their well on their way with ENDURA. I seem to have missed these guys at last year’s Level Up which is totally my bad because this game looks extremely promising.

Right now there’s no timeline on the game but we do know that it is currently in development and that it will be released on the PC and Nintendo Switch.


Fires At Midnight by Persona Theory Games

I don’t want to sound overly dramatic but there’s no justice in the world if Fires At Midnight doesn’t win ‘Best Storytelling’ at this year’s SEA Game Awards (imo and all that). I was captivated, moved and slightly horrified by the story told in Fires At Midnight but in the best way possible. It stayed with me. The story is told from two sides of a relationship and it’s set at what people feel is the end of the world. Kinda like 2020. It explores the world of relationships and sex in a raw and unvarnished way that’s just refreshing to see. It’ll take me too long to get into it here, just tab open the review and read it after you’re done with this article.

Fires at Midnight is out now for PC on Steam or itch.io. Pretty sure that M rating for this game is pretty self-explanatory.


Fruit Buddy: Rolling Adventure by Article Soft

Article Soft has a delightfully charming aesthetic and thier latest game Fruit Buddy: Rolling Adventure is no different. In this game you’re an adorable fruit that rolls down a lush green hill while finding friends. There’s Waffle Buddy, Apple Buddy, Egg Buddy and many others. Find all fruit buddies in the game and watch them bounce and play gracefully in your home. How far can you roll down hill without hitting the spikes? This is a simple tap-to-jump game where you control 2 fruit buddies at the same time. Many challenging obstacles and mind twisting spike patterns await you as you roll down the hill.

Fruit Buddy: Rolling Adventure is currently available for Early Access on the Google Play Store.


Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen by Appxplore

I really like writing these lists because it gives me a chance to get to games I haven’t had time to because I’ve been busy playing Genshin Impact. Appxplore is a veteran game developer in Malaysia known for it’s gorgeous dynamic and polished mobile games such as Crab War, Alien Path, Light A Way and so on. From the dreamy underwater world to outer space we now land in the spirit world of Earth. Masketeers is an idle mobile RPG that has you battling Wraiths that feed on the negative emotions of the world. Don the mysterious mask and reveal the warrior soul that lies beneath. In battle, orbs empower Masketeer attacks and by chaining multiples of the same orbs together, you’ll be able to unleash a more powerful version of that move and even gain new properties.

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen is out now and available on the App Store and Google Play.


P.U.D.U: Project Unifying Dead Underworld by Multimedia University (MMU)

Did you grow up in Kuala Lumpur hearing the awful horror stories about the Pudu jail? I know I did. Now the student group from MMU has made a sci-fi survival horror VR game based on that prison experience. In space. Trapped on the moon surrounded by failed experiments of mutated prisoners from the planet Earth. It’s Pudu jail recreated like I never ever wanted it to be.

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