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Genshin Impact – Best Weapons List

Genshin Impact is one of the hottest open-world, action-adventure RPG games out right now. In this land of magic, your powers can range ice shards exploding from your fingers or the ability to summon electric birds. Coupled with some badass swords, bows and claymores and you’ll become and unstoppable battle mage. Now if you’ve been playing as hard as I have you may have already hit the grindy part of Genshin Impact. Because of its free to play model most of the best characters and weapons are obtained by random through a gacha system. If you want to get more wishes, be sure to check out our wish guide too.

Currently, there are 5 different types of weapons in Genshin Impact and each character is only able to wield one weapon type. These weapons are Bows, Catalysts, Claymores, Polearms, or Swords. Then there’s rarity rating which goes from 1 star to 5 stars in Genshin Impact. Weapons with higher stars have higher scaling on their stats then weapons of a lesser rarity. It should go without saying though that these weapons are more difficult to obtain and 5-star weapons are only obtainable through Wishes. While the rest can be found across the world or made through crafting. Weapons got through the gacha system or Wishes are going to be better but here are the ones to look out for. Don’t worry we’ve included some 4-star weapons in this list as well.



Wielders: Aether, Ayaka, Bennett, Jean, Kaeya, Keqing, Lumine, Qiqi, Xingqiu

Swords attacks are the middle ground of melee weapons, the damage of their hits and speed of their attacks are somewhere in between the slow attacks of Claymores and the rapid attacks of Polearms.


Aquila Favonia ★★★★★

LvlBase AttackPassive – Falcon’s Defiance
148ATK is increased by 20%.
When taking DMG – Regenerates HP equal to 100% of ATK while dealing 200% of ATK as DMG to surrounding enemies. This effect can only occur once every 15s.

The would of the Knights of Favonius. Millennia later, it still calls on the winds of swift justice to vanquish all evil—just like the last heroine who wielded it.

The Aquila Favonia heals you while dealing damage to all surrounding enemies. This would be a perfect choice for any DPS or support character that wants to heal during combat.


Skyward Blade ★★★★★

LvlBase AttackPassive – Sky Piercing Fang
146Crit Rate increased by 4%.
After using Elemental Burst – Increases Movement SPD by 10%, increases ATK SPD by 10%, and increases the DMG of Normal and Charged Attack hits by 20% for 12s.

A sword of a knight that symbolizes the reclaimed honour of the Stormterror. The blessings of the God of Winds rest on the fuller of the blade, imbuing the sword with the powers of the sky and the wind.


Blackcliff Longsword ★★★★

LvlBase AttackPassive – Press The Advantage
144After defeating an enemy – ATK is increased by 12% for 30s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

A mass-produced Blackcliff weapon of the highest standard. Its test data says it can cut through steel with ease. An extremely sharp longsword.


Prototype Rancour ★★★★

LvlBase AttackPassive – Smashed Stone
144When taking DMG – Normal or Charged Attacks increase Base ATK and DEF by 4% for 6s. Max 4 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s.

An ancient longsword discovered in the Blackcliff Forge that cuts through rocks like a hot knife through butter. Both its craftsmanship and material are unparalleled.


The Flute ★★★★

LvlBase AttackPassive – Chord
Normal or Charged Attacks grant a Harmonic on hits. Gaining 5 Harmonics triggers the power of music and deals 100% ATK DMG to surrounding enemies. Harmonics last up to 30s, and a maximum of 1 can be gained every 0.5s.

Beneath its rusty exterior is a lavishly decorated thin blade. It swings as swiftly as the wind.

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