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Drake Hollow – What To Know Before Playing

Important Items To Have At Camp

For Electricity – Treadmill

In order to connect power between buildings in Drake Hollow you first need to build a power source. This will probably be the starter treadmill. Once the structure is placed and built create another structure that requires energy in order to run, like the advanced crafting station for exmaple.

Once both are built, connect the power by entering the camp management system. You’ll have to drag the cord to the power source or the building depending on what side you grabbed the cord from in order to bridge the two together. Once that’s done, run on the treadmill to get your structure to work!

For Food – Lobster Pen

The holy grail of food for the Drakes. Before you hit Level 5, you’ll be making regular trips to your base to either refill your cauldron(s) or plant new seeds in your planters. To make sure your Drakes are fed and don’t leave or die. But once you reach Level 5 you can build a Lobster Pen which will be a wealth of infinite food. Just supply it with electricity and water and you will never have to worry about feeding your Drakes again. Just build more Lobster Pens as you get more Drakes.

Later on, you have the option to build a Hydroponic Greenhouse at level 10, but you’ll have to go through the nightmare of finding and planting seeds again. And nobody wants that. The Hydroponic Greenhouse does supply a fairly large amount of food though if you really do miss that gardening life.

For Water – Electric Water Pumps & Cleansing Water Coolers

Like food, your Drakes need water, otherwise, they’ll wither. Water is split into two types, blighted water used to power different buildings and cleansed water, which is gulped up by your Drakes.

When you first start you’ll have the Cleansing Cauldron thatuses Juice Boxes to create water for your Drakes, but this is not a long-term solution. As soon as you hit level 2 build a few Cleansing Wells and you should be fine regarding water.

Once you hit level 5, route some water from an Electric Water Pump to your newly built Cleansing Water Coolers. Depending on your number of Drakes, two Electric Water Pumps should be fine to supply your Water Coolers and Lobster Pens. When you hit level 9, replace your Electric Water Pumps with Cleansed Water Alchemizers and your Cleansing Water Coolers with Cleansing Water Tanks. You shouldn’t have any water problems using this method. 

For Entertainment – Yoga Ball

Drakes are fragile creatures, and if they become bored, they will leave your camp. Much like my cat. They need entertainment to keep them occupied.

Entertainment is pretty easy to manage just mass-produce those Yoga Balls like you’re preparing for a vegan convention. But once you reach Level 7 you’ll be able to create Hot Tubs. Dismantle the Yoga Balls in favour of the Hot Tubs. But you can still keep some around so you can jump around on them when you yourself become bored.

For Sleep – Bunk Bed

At night your Drakes will go to bed, if they have one. If they become sleep deprived they will run out of your camp and bury themselves in the ground somewhere near your base. Why they can’t just sleep in the ground in the base who knows? It is a hassle to find them so rather build them a place to sleep.

Like Poppets, the level 1 Thatched Beds are a limited use item, and it’s best to build beds as soon as you reach level 2. The normal level 2 beds only have space for one Drake so it’s much more effective to build Bunk Beds as soon as you hit level 3. Bunk Beds is all you need to get to the end of the game with plenty of points to spare.


Defending Your Base

Raids are something you have to live with in Drake Hollow, and an important part of your base building strategy has got to include is building defences. When the Feral raid your base, waves of enemies spawn and destroy all your hard-earned buildings. This is not what we want at all. So here’s a couple of tips to keep your precious safe.

At Level 3 you can start building Wood Fences. This should keep everyone safe until you return but if you prefer to let your defences take care of the raid, you can use stone or iron fences.

There are quite a few options when it comes to offensive structures, but the Tesla Coils (unlocked at Level 7) is by far the best and most reliable. They do however take up a good chunk of improvement points, so be aware of the fact that you may need to dismantle them to level up at some point. With four Tesla Coils defending your base, nothing will get in.


Advantages of Dismantling

Dismantling stuff gets you all of the resources back. Once you’re to the point you’re using fences, don’t repair but disassemble it instead. It saves one wood but you know every little bit counts. This works on pretty much everything. You’ll get all your build resources back minus the charms but you shouldn’t run out of those. If you do just talk to your Drakes for more.

This also works for decoys that you can plays around the perimeter of the camp. Inspect it to check its health and if it’s low just dismantle and reassmble it to restore back its hit points.


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