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Among Us – How To Play As An Imposter

Fake Tasking

Unlike Crewmates, Impostors can’t perform Tasks. You may raise suspicions if Crewmates notice you’re not doing any Tasks.

Impostors are still assigned a random Task list, even if they can’t actually complete the items. You can still act as if you’re performing tasks by standing in front of the broken component. Be careful, if someone watches you “complete” a Task, but the Task bar doesn’t increase, they’ll know you’re faking it.

Take care to avoid Visual Tasks.

Visual Tasks are Tasks that will play an animation when someone is fixing it. If you try faking repairs on a Visual Task, the animation won’t play and nearby players will know you’re pretending. Empty Garbage/Chute, Asteroid Clearing, Prime Shield, and Submit Scan are all Visual Tasks that you should avoid.


Don’t Be Too Aggressive Or Too Passive

When discussion time comes, due to an Emergency Meeting or a Dead Body Report, Among Us goes crazy. Players will throw out their cases, defending their own innocence and point fingers at others. While it can be fun to watch Crewmates argue back and forth, being too passive in the discussion can backfire on you. Players will start to suspect you’re hiding something behind your silence.

Avoid swinging too far one other way. Being overly aggressive can raise suspicions. Try not to sound too desperate or mean when accusing other players, especially if you don’t have any evidence to back your claims. Remember that once a player you’ve accused is voted off, the Crewmates will know if they’re innocent. If you were too aggressive in charging this player, the Crewmates’ suspicions will naturally turn to you.

Instead, choose your words carefully. Be convincing but vague — don’t accuse other players outright, but try to pick words that show you’re suspicious of them. Participate in the conversation but always have an alibi ready when someone points the finger at you. Don’t respond angrily to accusations; calmly give them your alibi, and follow the majority in voting.


Establish Trust

Impostors know who all the other Impostors are on the ship. You should be working together to establish alibis and maintain innocence. It’s also important to look for potential partners among the innocent Crewmates. If you can fool a Crewmate into defending you, then you’ll be safer when players throw suspicion your way.

When a Crewmate defends you, be sure to show your support for them, too. Keep them on your side for as long as possible. It makes you sound more convincing when you inevitably accuse them of being an Impostor.

It’s easiest to target new Among Us players. You can spot them by the way they move. New players tend to move without purpose or direction. If you can find one, stick with them until the time has come to kill them.


In Conclusion

These are just a few simple tricks and tips that will help improve your odds of winning as an Impostor in Among Us.  These won’t guarantee you a victory every time — after all, each round has different players and personalities you have to learn to deal with. But over time, you’ll become better at deceiving the Crewmates as you employ these tips more efficiently.


This article was an original contribution by Sarah from the site OffGamers. Check out the site for all your gaming needs!

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