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Among Us – How To Play As An Imposter

Among Us is the re-breakout hit by InnerSloth that has exploded onto Twitch and YouTube’s front page. Released in 2018 to little fanfare; only a series of viral videos from popular streamers worldwide kept development plodding along for years. It was a casual stream by Sodapoppin in July of 2020 that put the game over-the-top, launching the title into the wider internet consciousness.

The game begins aboard a spaceship in crisis — components are broken, machines aren’t working right, and time is running out. Crewmates must complete a series of mini-games scattered throughout the ship to fill the taskbar and survive. But hidden among the Crewmates are Impostors who are there to sabotage repairs and kill off the Crewmates before they’re found out.

Matches consist of 4-10 players randomly split into two groups: Crewmates and Impostors. Crewmates win the game by completing all Tasks or identifying the Impostors and voting them off the ship. The Impostors win by killing all the Crewmates through expulsion or even outright murder.


How To Play As An Imposter

Playing as an Impostor is a unique thrill. Your survival depends on your ability to manipulate and sow distrust among Crewmates. Here’s a couple of things you can do to maximise your wins and get rid of those pesky Crewmates.

Explore The Map

Memorizing the map in Among Us is crucial for all players — Impostor or not. By mastering the layout of the level, you can move straight to any location without always referring to the in-game map.

Knowing the map is crucial for an Impostor. It makes it easier for you to plan escape routes and establish alibis after a murder. It’s also vital to know where the vents are so you can make a quick getaway.

Just remember that only Impostors can use vents, so don’t hop into one when there are witnesses around.

Don’t forget that some rooms can be monitored from the Security Room. Be mindful of your movements when you know someone is watching the cameras. As of the time of writing, there are three different maps in Among Us. Take some time to explore all the maps and their features to improve your chances of success.


Maximize Sabotage

Sabotaging ship components do more than simply reduce the taskbar. Damaging certain machines can throw the whole ship into chaos. Sabotaging the ship’s oxygen systems or inducing a nuclear meltdown will bring you an easy win if they’re not repaired quickly.

You could also sabotage light and communication to hinder the Crewmates’ movement. Light sabotage will reduce their vision radius, while communication sabotage makes the Crewmates unable to see their Task Lists. It also disables certain functions like the Security Camera and Admin Map.

The last type is door sabotage that will lock any door you chose for a short time. It can be used to slow down the crewmate’s movement when completing tasks or buy you more time to flee after you’ve killed someone. It’s also useful to trap a Crewmate so you can kill them without worrying about being noticed.


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