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The Gates Of Hell Open In Short Creepy Tales: 7 pm

If you grew up Asian you’ll know that the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar marks the time that the gates of hell open. Otherwise known as Hungry Ghost Festival, it is a Buddhist festival for honouring the dead. Kind of like Halloween or the Night of the Dead. During this time there are several rituals and ceremonies that are performed to avoid incurring the wrath of angry spirits. Food and incense are left on the table, paper money is burned and most night activities are halted. Now that I’m older I don’t put out food anymore or make the offerings, but I still won’t go swimming at night.

Now you can live through your own Hungry Ghost Festival story in Cellar Vault Games‘ new game release – Short Creepy Tales: 7 PM. The deceptively charming looking papercraft game is the first part instalment of a horror anthology. Cellar Vault Games is a Malaysian indie games studio are no noobs to developing horror games. And we’re loving their more unique specialisation in Chinese Asian horror. We saw their first game The Plight back in 2017 and The Long Road Ahead last year. Check out both if you like horror games but for now let’s get into Short Creepy Tales: 7 PM.

The story begins innocently enough with three children attempting to invite a mysterious new neighbour to play with them. But what they fail to realise is that their invitation is sent during the time of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Soon each of the children starts to experience horrific visitations. Point and click your way on this nightmarish adventure as you explore the mysteries of your apartment complex and uncover the cause of your nightly horrors. Be warned however as dark secrets lurk everywhere and you might not like what you find.

Short Creepy Tales 7 PM, Horror, Anthology, Chinese, PC, Hungry Ghost Festival, Cellar Vault Games

Play as the three children and interact with your neighbours, find items, solve minigames and complete tasks. Remember while conversing that your choices will affect the story.

Short Creepy Tales: 7 PM by Cellar Vault Games is out now on Steam.