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Spiritfarer – How To Get Every Material

I literally haven’t been able to stop playing Spiritfarer since I got it. It’s such a beautifully charming game that’s deep and playful with a rich amount of gameplay. In my book, Spiritfarer is one of those flawless games that plays effortlessly. Spiritfarer encourages exploration and discovery but sometimes you get stuck on a quest because you’ve missed the item or simply don’t know where to find it. Things such as how to make fat to cook that fried chicken. Or even how to get ectoplasm is left a little unexplained. Well for those of you that are looking for the answer we’ve complained a handy dandy list for you to check our right here. And if you’re looking for more Spiritfarer guides be sure to check out our cooking and food one in the next tab.




Let’s start off with cloth. I’m not going to get into seeds because that’s pretty self-explanatory, each island will have different ones you can get. And by reading the seed description you’ll have to plant it into the Garden, Orchard or Field. 

For the cloth, however, there’s an extra step. The Loom. You unlock that pretty early on your journey with Gwen. You’ll first need to bring the resource, be it wool, linen or cotton to the Loom and make it into thread. After that, the thread can be woven into fabrics. Here’s the breakdown.

Linen Thread & FabricHarvest Linen Fiber from Flax Seeds bought at Furogawa.
Wool Thread & FabricShear a sheep to get Wool Fiber. You’ll get one sheep when you find Alice at Mount Toroyama.
Nebula Thread & FabricActivate the Nebula Pillbugs Event located around the Furogawa Region. You’ll need to have unlocked Alice for this.
Cotton Thread & FabricHarvest Cotton Fiber from Cotton Seeds bought at Loneberg.
Silk Thread & FabricGrow a Mulberry Tree from seeds bought in Oxbury. Gather the moth cocoons to get Silk Fibers.
Metal RopeUse 2 Copper Ore chunks at the Loom


Like with the seeds earlier, I’m not going to explain too much about wood because you shouldn’t have trouble getting it. Or even crafting it into planks, all you need is the Sawmill which you’ll get early on with Atul. This is just a good guide if you need some location reminders.

Maple PlankSaw Maple Logs from Maple Trees located at Mosstein Cove, Barkensheim Creek, Greenhalten Bay
Oak PlankSaw Oak Logs from Oak Trees located at Gurenu Fields, Resuteno Meadows, Iwashima Countryside
Ash PlankSaw Ash Logs from Ash Trees located at Sunspring Square, Ambertown Park
Pine PlankSaw Pine Logs from Pine Trees located at Shadow Forest, Hidden Thicket, Obscure Canopy, Misty Woods
SawdustGenerated after creating planks


Next to wood rocks are one of the most important items in Spiritfarer for building, with the exception of Coal. Coal is used to fuel the Foundry and is needed for different recipes. It’s the only Rock you can make in your Kitchen by cooking Wood. When placed in a Crusher, your Rocks will produce a broad array of powdered items necessary for upgrades.

LimestoneMined from rocks located at Mosstein Cove, Iwashima Countryside, Flotsam Shores, Obscure Canopy
Lime PowderCrush Limestone
QuartzMined from the Quartz Dragon located around the Furogawa Region
Silica PowderCrush Quartz
CoalMined from rocks located at Hoseki Quarry, Mount Toroyama, Kalstein Mines, Southpoint Docks, Flotsam Shores, Shadow Forest
Carbon PowderCrush Coal
MarbleMined from rocks located at Kalstein Mines, Southpoint Docks
SlateMined from rocks located at Hoseki Quarry, Mount Toroyama
Comet RockActivate the Meteor Showers Event located around the Oxbury Region. You’ll need to have unlocked Giovanni for this.
Comet PowderCrush Comet Rock


Metals come in a few different forms, first in the ore that you mine which you can use in the Foundry to turn into ingots. Then those ingots can be crafted further into sheet metal at the Smithy.


GlassMelt an Empty Bottle in the Foundry
CopperMined from ore deposits located at Greenhalten Bay, Iwashima Countryside, Mount Toroyama.
IronMined from ore deposits located at Hoseki Quarry, Crow’s End, Hidden Thicket, Sountpoint Docks.
Aluminium Mined from the Aluminimum Dragon located around the Loneberg Region.
SilverMined from the Silver Dragon located around the Oxberg Region.
ZincMined from ore deposits located at Southpoint Docks, Hidden Thicket, Flotsam Shores
GoldGold will appear after you acquire the Mist Cleaner 1000 boat upgrade and Stella’s Dash ability at the Hidden Shrine.

You can mine it from the Gold Dragon located around the Hummingberg Region. Or mined it at Southpoint Docks, Crow’s End, Hidden Thicket, Obscure Canopy, Misty Woods
PulsarActivate the Pulsar Rays Event located around the Oxberg Region. You’ll need to have unlocked Bruce & Mickey for this.


Brass SheetCombine Copper Ingot & Zinc Ingot
Bronze SheetCombine Copper Ingot & Aluminium Ingot
Steel SheetCombine Iron Ingot & Carbon Powder
Crystal Glass SheetCombine Zinc Ingot & Silica Powder
Clear Glass SheetCombine Lime Powder & Silica Powder
Electrum SheetCombine Gold Ingot & Silver Ingot
Rose Gold SheetCombine Gold Ingot & Copper Ingot
Celestial SheetCombine Comet Powder & Pulsar Ingot

Other Items

Bright JellyActivate the Jellyfish Event. You’ll need to have unlocked Gwen for this.
Lightning In A BottleActivate the Thunderstorm Event. You’ll need to have unlocked Atul and some Empty Bottles for this.
Bottled EctoplasmInteract with Stanley’s beetle Jacob to trigger this event. Then catch the Dust Shades as they appear. You’ll need to have unlocked Stanley for this.
FireglowActivate the Fireflies Event located at the Hummingberg Region. Harvest the Fireflies to get Fireglow seeds which can then be planted in the Garden. You’ll need to have unlocked Gustav for this.
XP PotionInteract with Buck’s tabletop game to trigger this event. You’ll need to have unlocked Buck for this.
Spirit FlowersFound in a departed spirit’s room after you leave the Everdoor.

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