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Spellbreak – A Guide To Choosing Your Class



Toxicologist comes with a Toxic Gauntlet. It is great at helping you deal more damage over time and stay undetected. This style of play is something quite different, and this is a pretty great specialist class compared to some of the others.


Viscosity (Starter) – Toxic Spray attacks leave a toxic puddle on the ground. If you hit an enemy, then the puddle still spawns where they are standing.

Vanishing Mists (Lvl 2) – You’re immune to your toxic clouds and those of your teams. You dash when you enter a toxic cloud and become invisible.

Outbreak (Lvl 3) – When you’re invisible you do extra toxic spray damage. An extra 75%.

Spreading Sickness (Lvl 4) – Your toxic clouds spawn 2 extra clouds.

This set of abilities is going to give you more damage and utility to do long term damage with your toxic shots. The invisibility is a fun bonus too. This one is rarely used to full effect, but you should be taking advantage of it as much as possible.



Tempest comes with the Wind Gauntlets. This one is focused on flying and mobility. A few of these used to be part of the Gauntlet itself. Now, they’re separated out. This one is a pretty specific high-mobility play style. If that’s something you can manage, then this might be a good class for you.


Wind Surge (Starter) – When you hit the ground with a Wind Sheer, you wind jump. Jumping also increases your mana recharge delay to 1.25 seconds.

Updraft (Lvl 2) – You become immune to tornado pulls of your own and your teams, but get to launch in the air when entering them.

Squall (Lvl 3) – When you’re in the air, you deal 20% more damage and have a reduction in damage taken by 10%.

Sudden Gust (Lvl 4) – You get a cooldown on your secondary attack’s cooldown speed, by 100%.

The mobility and jumping portion of these abilities are useful for utilities and moving around. However, you will need to figure out how to use this with runes. The mobility boosting runes can extend this even further.



Stoneshaper comes with the Stone Gauntlet. Its primary attack, Shockwave, deals damage in a long, fairly wide line along the ground. This ability makes it easy to hit enemies and can damage multiple foes. Unlike the Ice Gauntlet’s Ice Lance or the Lightning Gauntlet’s Lightning Bolt. Additionally, the Stoneshaper class gives you +20 to Max Armour. This is more of a tank class and honestly doesn’t much skill to master.

If you have less than 20 armor at any time, you can regenerate it by using Shockwave — this is one of Stoneshaper’s greatest strengths. You can constantly regenerate your armor in a fight while pounding enemies with over 40 damage per Shockwave. Pair that with the Scavenging and Recovery Talents, and Stoneshaper becomes a terrifying tank.


Stoneskin (Starter) – Your max armour increases by 20. You also get 5 armour restored if you cast Shockwave with less than 20 armour.

Bedrock (Lvl 2) – Crash to the ground when you cast Shockwave.

Accretion (Lvl 3) – Your Boulderfall attack is going to increase in size as it flies. This gives you a specific utility to your attack. It makes a brute force attack into something that requires decent accuracy.

Avalanche (Lvl 4) – You get an extra charge for Boulderfall. This is really useful in the late game.

The Stoneshaper class really shines in the late game. If you have access to these abilities, you can get a lot more value out of the stone Gauntlets. When Boulderfall comes around is when you really become a force of nature. It launches a large stone at a target location and can deal up to 50 damage. This allows the Stoneshaper to hit targets out of reach of its Shockwave. Without this, you’ll find it hard to deal with enemies in the air or at long-range.

Pro Tip: Stay out of close spaces and buildings since Shockwave can’t climb walls or stairs and is cut by sharop edges. Try to engage enemies in open spaces if you want to be successful with this class.

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