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Fall Guys – 5 Proven Tips & Tricks To Win

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun party game with serious battle royale vibes. Each round of Fall Guys begins with 60 players rushing through an obstacle course in a chaotic mob of jumping, diving, whooping, and ragdolling bodies. Only the first 30 or so across the finish line qualify for the next round, which is randomly chosen from about two dozen different levels. Ranging from Races, Survival or Team rounds. Each level eliminates more players until the final round, where anywhere from a handful to more than a dozen compete to be the sole winner.

Fall Guys now has 25 different levels or minigames and each one is a colourful, legume-filled bundle of hilarity. There’s enough variety for each gameplay to keep even the most seasoned gamers on their toes and tumbling about. But amongst all the chaos wouldn’t it be more fun if you actually win? In this article, we’ll teach you some proven tips and tricks on how to improve your chances at winning, regardless of the round.


Dive, Dive, Dive!

When in doubt, dive.

Seriously, we’re not joking.

Diving might look like a relatively simple thing to do in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, as you’ll only have to press either the “Square” button on the PlayStation 4 or “Ctrl” key on the PC, but this simple action can help you do more than just jump further or dive off of ledges.

For example, did you know that there’s a more effective way of diving?

You see, instead of just pressing the button or key, it’s far more effective to jump first and then leap so you can launch yourself further, which is extremely useful in rounds like “Hoopsie Daisy”. You will be able to land in a more stable position, which helps a lot in “See Saws” where you’re pretty much playing as a drunk desperately trying to balance himself.

Mind you, that’s not all.

The proper diving technique can also help you in “Fall Ball”, “Hoarders”, and “Egg Scramble”, among others. It can even help you jump over a cluster of players and get across the finish line first — and in style!

Of course, there are cases where and when diving is not optimal, as well as jumping, but you’ll eventually learn when to dive and when not to do it. In general, it pays to remember what we said earlier: when in doubt, just dive.


Learn When To Lead, Follow or Stay Behind

There’s just so much happening at any given time in Fall Guys that it just doesn’t make sense to fixate on leading, following, or staying behind.

But the thing is, you should be open to doing any of those things at any given moment. In rounds like “Perfect Match”, for example, following where other players go is a good idea, since “self-preservation” almost always kicks in and people who can remain calm regardless of the situation will always find a way to survive. Your best bet is to follow those people. However, if you can be the one to keep a clear head and think quick on your feet, then that’s even better.

The same goes for games like “Block Party”, where it helps to be on the frontlines so you can see where you should go.

On the other hand, in a game like “Hex-A-Gone”, you’ll want to do the exact opposite of what other players are doing. On that same note, in “See Saw”, your best bet is to remain at the front if you can, while in “Tip Toe” or “Door Dash”, being in the back or middle is ideal.

Finally, if it’s a team game, like “Hoarders” or “Fall Ball”, the best way to win is to put your differences aside for a moment and work together. You’ll have your chance to betray each other soon enough anyway.


You Don’t Always Have To Win

In pretty much every round outside of the final one, your goal isn’t to win – it’s to survive.

What matters in Fall Guys is to qualify and move on to the next game.

Of course, this isn’t always true. Like, for example, “Slime Climb” forces you to race against an ever-rising slime. But, in general, a good rule of thumb in Fall Guys is to exercise patience and prioritize survival at all costs. Besides, being first isn’t always good as it puts you at risk of being trampled, but at the same time, don’t be too patient, because you might get left behind.


Get To Know The Game

Just like every other full-fledged title, each round in Fall Guys has its own set of shortcuts that you can use to your advantage to get a little edge over your competition.

Just keep in mind that most of these exploits are rather subtle. They don’t really show up unless you look closely.

For this very reason, we recommend that you pay attention to each game, watch what other successful people are doing, and find your own ways of avoiding many of the game’s obstacles so you can win more often. Your observation skills are much needed in this area.

Just don’t forget that people will always use the easier and more known shortcuts.

What you think might be a long way around the game might actually end up being a safer and better way since very few other players will be out there with you.


Be The King of Fall Mountain

Normally, it’d be useless to prepare for a single round except, well, for “Fall Mountain”.

This iconic endgame stage is the only minigame in Fall Guys that only appears as a finale, so it only makes sense that you try to be the best that you can be at this game.

But, how do you do that for a seemingly random game?

Well, for starters, it’s not exactly as random as it looks.

Speedrunner and streamer, Robert “BobbyWasabi” Wilson, uses what’s now been dubbed as the “Bobby Path” to win almost every time using the same route. This is done simply by hugging the middle-right side and slowly angling himself to the left as he goes up so he can easily skate past specific areas in the level where a lot of boulders usually fall.

Lastly, just in case you forget, please actually grab the crown.

So many people have failed to win in Fall Guys just because they forgot to grab the crown and jumped into it.

Don’t be one of them.


Final Thoughts On Fall Guys

The top players in Fall Guys are the ones who’ve spent the most time trying to take apart the game piece by piece, throwing pretty much everything at the proverbial wall just to see what tactics would stick.

Even now, more and more players are discovering new ways to win at Fall Guys.

Who knows? You could be one of those players who finds a radically different way to win a particular round.

With that said, these proven tips and tricks to win at Fall Guys should help you take home the crown! If you have any tips and tricks of your own, do let us know in the comments below.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC on the Steam Store and the PlayStation 4. With iOS, Android, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports coming later.


This article was an original contribution by Sarah from the site OffGamers. Check out the site for all your gaming needs!