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Could Madden 21 Be The Next Big ESports Game?

When it comes to Esports, there are many different genres of games that attract pro players. In general, sports games are unique in competitive gaming because the players of this genre are normally fans of the actual live sports as well, and sports games like Madden, MLB the Show, and NBA 2K are the only games they play.

The upcoming release of the newest installment in the Madden franchise is generating a lot of buzz lately. Esports centered around sports games have really taken off in the last few years, and Madden’s parent company, EA Sports, has taken huge steps recently to expand into the realm of competitive gaming. Madden is one of the most beloved franchises, and this newest release promises to be the best installment yet. 

Why Madden Has Been Successful 

The Madden series has been a popular franchise for three decades and counting. As American football is very popular in the west, the Madden football games will always have a dedicated fanbase. This aside, the success of this franchise is due to the rich details and continuously evolving game mechanics. 

With every installment, Madden continues to become better. They constantly build on top of their game physics with more realistic throwing, running and tackling. Over the years, they have added many different features and game modes to add to the experience like franchise mode, career campaign and many more. 

These different game modes add a lot of depth to the experience, but for dedicated fans of the sport of football, the real attraction value of the Madden franchise comes from the realistic player statistics. Throughout the football season, players are ranked according to their performance, and team rosters change to reflect their real life counterparts. This makes for an immersive experience for fans. 

For example, the Baltimore Ravens have +700 odds of winning the Super Bowl championship this year, making them one of the strongest teams in the league. This is reflected in the game’s ranking system, as the Ravens stand at the top of the AFC. Individual players are also ranked, like quarterback Lamar Jackson received a 94 overall rating, making him third in the league. It’s the attention to the details like this that make the Madden series one of the most beloved across all sports video games. 

Madden Esports League

Gamers around the world are anticipating the upcoming August 25th release of Madden 21. This newest installment is showing that it has the potential to be the newest hit game in the world of Esports. Madden already has its own Esports league that draws more professional gamers every year as their prize pool gets bigger and bigger. 

In recent years the largest professional football league, the NFL, has become involved in growing the Madden Esports league. In March of this year, the NFL announced they had secured a deal with FOX network to broadcast the Madden Esports tournament. This demonstrates a real effort to grow Esports in the USA, and sports games like NBA 2K, FIFA and the Madden series already have huge followings among professional gamers. As the world of Esports continues to grow, we should see more high profile Madden tournaments backed by huge sponsors.