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Watch Dogs 2 – What Skills To Level Up


Social Engineering

Social engineering is a pretty fun tree because it utilises the environment around you to your advantage. What you’re going to want to get first here is Create Distraction. This hack sends a distraction to civilian phones or blasts feedback in enemy headsets. It also cancels 911 and reinforcement calls. It’s an inexpensive skill, which has many practical applications. Use it to prevent civilians from calling the police, or gangsters from calling reinforcements. It can also be used to disorientate enemies in order to attack them from behind cover or just bypass.

The rest of these skills are pretty similar and are used basically for causing a distraction to sneak around. With Gang Attack or APB: Suspect Located you can send members of a hostile gang or the police officers after the person you chose. Whether the person dies or not there’s going to be enough chaos for you to sneak by unnoticed.

  • Create Distraction – This hack sends a distraction to civilian phones or blasts feedback in enemy headsets. It also cancels 911 and reinforcement calls. Uses 2 Botnet Resources.
  • Gang Attack – Assign a target to one of the gangs of San Francisco. Costs 8 Botnet Resources.
    • Gang Skirmish – Rally high-level members of a gang to rough up your target. Costs 8 Botnet Resources.
    • Gang War – Call the strongest members of a gang to attack your target. Costs 8 Botnet Resources.
  • Improved Profiler – Automatically flag profiles of nearby people with large bank accounts.
    • Massive Communication Disruption – Simultaneously create a Distraction on everyone around you.
    • Botnet Savings: Personal Devices – Reduce Botnet Resource costs when using any hack on individuals.
  • APB: Suspect Located – Place a false APB on your target and broadcast the location. The police will come to arrest the target. Costs 8 Botnet resources.
    • APB: Wanted Criminal – Place a false APB on your target with a special “dangerous criminal” advisory. Costs 8 Botnet Resources.

City Disruption

Get the Auto-Takedown skill on this tree to give you access to inaccessible places around Watch Dogs 2. By allowing you to hack gates and pipelines. You can also use it to block cops during a chase by letting off a jet of steam at them.

One of the most expensive but useful endgame skills to aim for can be found on this tree. The System Crash Upgrade: Blackout.

  • Auto-Takedown – Trigger Gates and Steam Pipes when enemy vehicles pass nearby. Costs 4 Botnet Resources.
  • Robot Exploits – Create a Distraction on robots. Costs 2 Botnet Resources per use.
  • Traffic Control Exploit – Upgrades the Auto Takedown with the ability to hack the traffic light system. Create accidents to stop pursuers. Costs 4 Botnet Resources.
  • Massive System Crash – Shut down all city infrastructure for 30 seconds.
    • System Crash Upgrade: Blackout – Upgrades the Mass System Crash hack. Turns off all lights in area, reducing line-of-sight (in addition to shutting down all infrastructure).
  • Security System Shutdown – Enables shutting down security systems.
    • Botnet Savings: City Hacking – reduces Botnet Resource costs when using any hack on city infrastructure or tech.


As we mentioned in our Watch Dogs 2 beginner’s guide, you’re going to be stunning people way more than you will be shooting them. Therefore an upgrade to your stun gun is pretty key for combat. The Electro Shock Device is able to stun multiple enemies at once at once. Marcus has a limited number of these devices, but they do replenish automatically after some time.

  • Explosive Device – Explodes with a lethal blast.
  • Expert Tinkering – Reduces cooldown time for Explosive and Electro Shock devices.
    • Electro Shock Optimization – Allows carrying and placing of 5 Electro Shock Devices at once.
  • Tweaked Blast – Explosive and Electro Shock Devices have a larger area of effect.
    • Explosive Optimization – Allows carrying and placing of 5 Explosive Devices at once.


As I mentioned earlier the main focus of Watch Dogs 2 isn’t going to be on combat. But it is inevitable in some cases. In this case, Steady Aim and Sleight of Hand should be two skills to get. Steady Aim gives the taser gun a bit more range which is especially useful for guard dogs. And Sleight of Hand will decrease your reload time, useful when facing multiple enemies.

  • Advanced Sleight of Hand – Increases reload speed for two-handed weapons.
    • Steady Hands – Reduce scope sway on all scoped weapons.
      • Keen Eye – Increases damage dealt by sniper rifles.
    • Strong Grip – Increases the stability of two-handed weapons.
      • Target Weakness – Increases damage dealt by shotguns against vehicles and armoured targets.
  • Steady Aim – Increases Stun Gun range.
    • Fast Trigger Finger – Upgrade pistol rate-of-fire to as fast as the trigger can be pulled.
    • Stun Amp Up – Decreases the number of Stun Gun charges needed to stun armoured enemies.

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