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SoS: Friends of Mineral Town – Male Relationship Guide

Following up from our Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town female relationship guide, we now have this guide for all the eligible bachelors in town. If you want to read more about heart levels I would suggest tabbing that article open. But if you know all that already then let’s dive into the 9 relationships you can have in SoS: FoMT.

In this guide I write about the easiest (and cheapest) way to get your relationship up with these guys. Take note that in the female section we had one hidden marriage candidate, but for the males we have three. Secret marraige candidates do not have the same heart meter as the rest do. And most will require special conditions to be met in order to marry them.


BirthdaySummer 6
FamilyMother (Deceased), Sister (Unknown Location)
Favourite GiftCurry Rice

I have quite the soft spot for the shy and reflective Cliff. He’s a bit of a wanderer when he comes to Mineral Town and in the beginning, will spend most of his time at Church. Important note, if you want anything to happen with Cliff you need to make sure that he stays in town to work at the Vineyard. Do this by telling him about the job in Fall to get him to stay. If you do miss this event you’ll need to wait until Year 2 or later for him to come back and get the job on the Vineyard on his own.

Other than that Cliff, like Ran seems to love cooked food. The easiest items for you to remember to give him are Curry Rice and Grilled Fish. Other than that I’ve been getting by with Wild Grapes. The rest of the items he likes are a bit more pricey and don’t really warrant the +300LP of the items. But if you have extra you can pass him Apples, Strawberry, Pineapples, Tomato, Cucumber and Corn.


BirthdaySummer 22
ResidenceSummer Only at the Inn
Favourite GiftPineapple

Kai is a tricky one to romance since he only appears in town in the Summer. He’s a casual chill city slicker that loves the Pineapples you’re going to be growing in Summer. Besides Pineapples, he’ll also accept Eggs, Milk, Wild Grapes, Honey and Fish. I find eggs and fish the easiest to gift him but if you’re serious about making him your beau you can save some of those profit-making Pineapples for him.


BirthdayFall 19
Favourite GiftMilk (Any Quality)

Brandon like Jennifer is a brand new marriage candidate in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. He’s a bit of an eccentric one, often drifting off into his own rants and musings. Even though he’s a bit of an artistic, wandering soul Brandon is pretty easy to please with some Eggs. That and Honey, pretty much all the Fall Vegetables and Butter.


BirthdayFall 19
Favourite GiftMilk (Any Quality)

So far one of the easiest candidates to romance he loves all the grass growing in the mountain side. Fish, Bamboo Shoots, Honey and Milk. Once you get your cow going this relationship is going to be a breeze. But I’ve gotten to a blue heart in one season with just the grasses.