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SoS: Friends Of Mineral Town – Female Relationship Guide

Harvest Goddess (Secret Bachelorette)

There are a few secret romance options that they’ve snuck into SoS: FoMT and the Harvest Goddess is one of them. A divine diety, you can summon her from the Goddess Spring near the Hot Spring and Sping Mine by offering a gift to her. The best thing to give her are flowers and later on when you can grow them – Strawberries and Pineapples. Even if you don’t want to marry her I’d advise giving her gifts every day anyway if only to unlock the Power Berry.

Unlike the other girls on this list, there are a couple of requirements to fulfil before you can marry the Harvest Goddess. It’s a bit of gauntlet which you won’t complete until Year 5 of your journey, so just keep that in mind.

1. Express Interest In Her

The first step is by far the easiest. To tell the Harvest Goddess that you’re romantically interested in her, you must throw 20 gifts into her pond. This will take you 20 days in total, but since you’re planning to marry her, you’ll be visiting her spring every day anyway. After you’ve given her the twentieth gift, she’ll ask you if you’re interested in any of the possible marriage candidates in the game. You must select the Harvest Goddess from this list. If you select any of the other candidates, then you’ll be unable to marry the Harvest Goddess.

2. Ship All Items

You’ll find the shipping list on your bookshelf at home, and it’s essentially a list of everything you can ship in the game. You’ll need to ship at least one of everything on the list to catch the Harvest Goddess’ eye.

3. Catch Every Fish

This may take you a year or more to catch every single type of fish during the season. This includes the six Guardian Fish which you’ll need a level six fishing rod for. You’ll be able to find it on Floor 29 of the Lake Mine. There’s a Fishing Log on your bookshelf if you need to keep track as well.

4. Get All Goddess Orbs

The 9 Goddess Orbs and the Teleport Stone can be found in the Mines. You’re going to want to get these anyway because they help restore energy. The Goddess Orbs can be found on Levels 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202 and 222 of the Spring Mine. And the Teleport Stone will also be found on Floor 255 of the Lake Mine after Year 3.

5. Propose In Year 5

Ensure you propose to the Harvest Goddess no sooner than the 5th year of your time at Mineral Town. Do this by going to Carter, the priest and confess your intention to him to marry her. On either a Monday or Wednesday or if it’s raining or snowing, Carter will be in the Church taking confessions. You can only give one confession per day and the three options are randomly selected, which means that you will probably have to visit the confessional multiple times before you can confess your intent. When you do get the option to tell Carter about your desire to marry the Harvest Goddess, there is still a chance that he might refuse to give you his blessing. If this does happen, then return another day to try your luck at the confessional.

Finally, after all, this is done you can buy the Blue Feather from the General Store and toss it into the Spring. Hopefully, after completing all these requirements she would have at last said yes. If not you’ll have to go back and check to see what you’ve missed. Then after all you’ve been through to get married, the Harvest Goddess will continue to live in her Spring leaving you alone on the farm. Sad.


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