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SoS: Friends Of Mineral Town – Female Relationship Guide

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is one of the best selling farming sim games in the world. And after a week of nonstop playing, I’d say that title is well earned. The OG of life sims your main aim is to take care of your grandfather’s farm, make a ton of gold and settle down to have a family. Since we’ve already gone through the best profit-making crops over here (tab that sucker open for later), we’re now going to focus on matters of the heart.

In SoS: FoMT there are 9 eligible bachelors and 7 bachelorettes for you to choose from. Unlike the last games however you can now get married or date whoever you want regardless of their gender. Now the formula is pretty easy for you to get them to like you. Talk to them every day and give them gifts that they like. Gifting them their favourite items will net you more points than loved, liked, neutral etc. I wouldn’t sweat trying to give them their favourite all the time though, liked is alright. So for this female guide (male relationship guide over here!), I’m just including some of the easier items to give. Don’t worry you have enough seasons in the game to get their heart rate up.


Heart Levels

When you first start off your Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town journey, all your candidates will start off with a grey heart. There are 7 levels of heart going from Grey, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

At a Blue Heart, you’ll be considered quite friendly with that person. At the Green Heart level, you’ll be able to present that person with an Eternal Flower. This is Mineral Town’s way of saying of asking someone to go steady with you.

Interestingly you’ll be able to date all the bachelors and bachelorettes simultaneously before getting married and settling on one. The Eternal Flower will be available at the Supermarket to buy once you reach a Blue Heart rating with someone.

Lastly to get the Red Heart for someone you’ll need to marry them by presenting them with a Blue Feather. This unlocks in the Supermarket when you reach the Orange level heart with someone. There’s also a couple of additional requirements for marriage. You’ll need to have renovated your house twice, have a large bed and complete at least one candidate’s lover event #2.

After a successful proposal, the wedding day will occur 7 days later (Proposal Date + 7 days = Wedding Day). Since the wedding will be a whole day event, do not propose on the day where it will clash with a festival. Your wedding will automatically cancel out any event on that day. For example, a proposal on Spring/Autumn 11 will cause you to be unable to attend the Horse Racing Festival. 



BirthdaySpring 16
ResidenceEllen’s House, Mostly found in the Clinic
FamilyEllen (Grandmother), Yu (Brother)
Favourite GiftsAlmond Tofu, Almond Jelly, Moon Dumplings, Sunsweet Flower, True Magic Red Flower, Orange Venus, Tsukimi Dango

I managed to get Elly up to a Blue Heart in a season or so without even trying too hard. She likes the Blue and Black Grass you can easily find in the woods. Bonus point, you can bring two and give one to the Doctor to boost his heart points while you’re at the Clinic as well. The best part about Elly is that she’s mainly at the clinic and she likes things that you can find in the mountain. Bring her those grasses, the Pink Cat, Toy or Magic Red Flower as well as fish to make her happy. Super easy.