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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Pirate Gullivarrr Guide

As part of Wave One of Animal Crossing: New Horizon‘s summer update we had not only one new character coming to the island but two! For all the details check out our ACNH Summer Update article. The first little critter found on the shore is Pascal with all his shiny new Mermaid furniture, full guide here. While the second is Pirate Gullivarrr, the alternate reality version of the washed-up seagull Gulliver. Like Gulliver, you’ll find him washed up randomly on your island resplendent in his full Pirate gear.

If you help the poor shipwrecked seagull he’ll once again be mailing you some special items you can’t find or buy on your own. This time they’re all wonderfully pirate themed and make a charming addition to your beachside decor. Let’s go through all the steps you’ll need to do to complete your Pirate Gullivarrr collection.

Finding The Communicator

As always you’ll need to wake up the passed out Gulliver (or Gullivarrr, as his name changes to) on your beach. Talk to him several times to wake him up and listen to his tale of woe on how he got washed up there. Next, you’ll need to help him find his Communicator. This is a little different from the other Gulliver that involves you digging up the beach. This time you’ll need to swim into the ocean and dive near the bubbles to find this Communicator. Just like finding a Sea Creature, you should be able the Communicator with no issues.

Once you’ve found the Communicator, return to Gullivarrr and hand it over. He will thank you and send your reward in the mail the next day.

Gullivarrr Pirate Items

Image Credit: yuecrossing

Every time that you help find Pirate Gulliver’s Communicator in the ocean, he’ll send you a special Pirate Set Furniture or Clothing item reward in the mail. These unique items are themed to the pirate life featuring both appropriate costumes and furniture for a ship. There are 19 different Pirate furniture and clothing to find (not including clothing colour variations).

You should find him at least once every one or two weeks. But if you haven’t make sure you’ve purchased a Wet Suit already.