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The PC Gaming Show 2020 – Best Games Coming Out


Metal: Hellsinger by The Outsiders

I’m loving all the mashups at this year’s PC Gaming Show and Metal: Hellsinger is everything I never know I wanted. A rhythm-based FPS retro shooter set to metal music. WHAT? AMAZING. Just watching the trailer has caused a series of black leather cuffs to appear on my arms. WHAT IS HAPPENING??. How do you play you ask? Well, NERD first you have to descend into a pit of hell and shoot the crap out of everything! YEAAAAA. More power to the guns every time you blast an enemy to the beat! … Has Metal: Hellslinger possessed my writing? Just go ahead and wishlist this game because man does it have an attitude. It’ll be out next year on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC – Steam.


In Sound Mind by We Create Stuff

A psychological horror game that lets you “experience the unsettling corridors of your head”. I kinda don’t want to do that. But also I kinda do. We don’t know too much about this game but I think it is one of those you need to play and experience the game to get it kinda thing. From the creators of the cult classic Nightmare House 2 comes In Sound Mind, a witty first-person psychological horror with frenetic puzzles and unique boss fights. In the trailer you’re set in a house of horrors, is it your own mind? Maybe. A survival horror game where you search for answers, for victims of an experimental chemical. Bizarre visions emerge and horrors ensue. The game is out sometime next year on PC – Steam.


Potionomics by Voracious Games

My guilty pleasure genre has got to be a management sim. I can’t explain the satisfaction you get by mindlessly flying around the screen making money. So it looks like Potionomics is right up my alley. In a similar vein to Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! you play the supporting cast of an RPG story. The local village potion witch that deals out potions to heroes and creatures alike. Procure ingredients, haggle with characters, learn new recipes and turn a profit. Did we mention that your shop assistant is an owl? Because that’s important. There’s no official release date on this game but you can check out their main website here.


Red Sails by Red Sails Team

I took one look at this game and instantly thought of Journey. And I loved Journey. A gorgeous surreal dreamscape where you set sail not on the water, but on the sand. If you’ve ever lived in a desert area as I have you’ll know why they call it an ocean of sand. With its rippling dunes and endless sky, it feels as mesmerising as any other boat journey. I’m not in love with the graphics but the music and the promise of “a gentle, dreamlike experience” have me keeping an eye for this one. Red Sails is an open-world exploration game for you to discover at your own place. Find and rescue the members of your clan, find out the desert’s secrets and visit the villages around you. So far Red Sails has no planned release date but you can wishlist it on Steam to stay updated.


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