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ARK: Survival Evolved – Beginner’s Guide


Join A Tribe

ARK: Survival Evolved wasn’t made to play alone, either on the PvP or PvE server. Your best bet is to team up to take on the wilds together, with a group or tribe. What’s more, if you’re in a tribe you’ll earn a small amount of additional XP as your tribe-mates perform tasks. Which is essential for getting those Engrams.

Don’t expect to join an established tribe immediately, however; most tribes will want to be sure of your trustworthiness before welcoming you in. When starting out on a new server, build a few starter bases, learn the ropes and get to know your fellow survivors through in-game chat. Hopefully, once you’ve proven your usefulness, the tribe invites will come flooding in. Alternatively, get a few real-life friends together and start your own tribe.


Focus On Taming

There’s a lot to do in ARK but in the beginning, after collecting materials. But after all that you should be focused on taming and killing dinosaurs to level up and gain more Engrams. Start with herbivores or small carnivores, then work your way up as you gain more weapons and types of protection.

An animal or dinosaur needs to first be knocked out before you can tame them. This requires a weapon, usually something dull like the Wood Club. If you inflict too much damage, the beast will die instead of pass out, so try not to harm them excessively. Injury will also reduce the effectiveness of your taming, making the process slow or impossible to complete. Keep them intact as much as possible.

Next, you will need to give the sedated animal food to keep up their strength. You will gain their trust as they eat the food placed in their inventory. Narcoberries (which they will not eat voluntarily—use remotely while placed in the beast’s inventory) are necessary. For herbivores, you will need Mejoberries. Carnivores prefer Raw Meat, or sometimes, Spoiled Meat. Once the Taming progress bar is filled while they are in an unconscious state, they will be yours to command. However be aware that you will not be able to ride them until you make a proper saddle, and that requires both Engrams and Hide.

Narcoberries not only are used to sedate the beast so that you can earn their trust but also make Tranq arrows. Which makes the whole process go much faster. Tranq arrows also require spoiled meat, so hold on to that Raw Meat even after it’s gone bad! Mejoberries meanwhile seems to be the favoured berry by most herbivores.


Get A Trike

South Zone 3 is also home to a number of Trikes (the Triceratops), which are the perfect dinosaur to tame if you’re crafting a permanent lair. Not only can they hold a lot of stored material, and they can also knock down trees and bushes. Allowing you to rapidly build up supplies of berries, thatch, and seeds. Their horns are also fairly adequate and they can generally hold their own against the smaller predator dinosaurs. The Trike can be easily tamed with a few Tranqu Arrows, but watch out using the Club, as a Trike can very quickly maul you to death.


Stay Out Of The Water

It may seem like a good idea to cut across a stream in the woods or walk along the shoreline poaching for Coel, but beware. In ARK: Survival Evolved there are Megapiranhas, Megalodons and sabre-toothed salmon lurking everywhere. And since the water greatly slows down your movement speed, it’s difficult to escape them. They can surround and kill you quickly so be sure to take a peep underwater (preferably while wielding a Spear) before you dive in.


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  1. Janet June 15, 2020

    Thanks for this guide! I dipped my toe in for the first time tonight and was quickly overwhelmed. No tutorial, no tips, no nuthin. I appreciate your concise nuggets of wisdom, but I am also wondering how does one pick a proper server? Should you go for a full one, empty or half full?

    • Kaylee Kuah June 15, 2020 — Post author

      Hi! Yeah ARK can definitely be quite overwhelming I’m glad you found some of these tips useful! As for choosing servers if it’s your first time you’ll probably want to play around in single-player for a while before joining a server. Once you’re ready though just go to Join Ark and you can either search for PVE or PVP. I’d recommend going to a server that’s a bit emptier because of lag issues. Once you hit 30 – 50 people it can get a bit laggy.

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