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Top 10 Games Coming Out April 2020


Cloudpunk by Ion Lands – April 24

Cyberpunk 2077 may not be getting a release this month but Cloudpunk is. In what seems to be fairly relevant to today’s day and age you play as a futuristic Amazon delivery driver in the neon city of Nivalis. Rania is a new driver for Cloudpunk, in this story-based exploration game. Learn the ins and outs of the city as you deliver mysterious packages and meet various humans and androids along the way. Choose how you answer them, but beware because, in the course of the night, everything will change.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam


Predator: Hunting Grounds by IllFonic – April 24

Multiplayer gaming has been my only source of socialisation, minus the scary 10 person Zoom calls I’ve been forced into. I think we can all agree those are a nightmare. Now there’s a new online multiplayer game to look forward to in Predator: Hunting Grounds. Set in the world of the popular horror movie franchise Predator. The game takes you to the remote jungles of South America in this asymmetrical multiplayer shooter. It’s here that the Predator stalks its prey, preceded only by an ominous clicking sound. Play as a member of an elite 4-person Fireteam and complete paramilitary operations before the Predator finds you. Or, play as the Predator to hunt the most worthy prey, choosing from your vast array of deadly alien tech.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC – Epic Games


Trials of Mana by Square Enix – April 24

Announced at the Nintendo E3 2019 conference, comes the spiritual successor of Secret of Mana. Trials of Mana is a Seiken Densetsu 3 remake that is the third game of the Mana series. The game originally released for the SNES but only for Japan. Now, Trials of Mana has been fully localised and remade from the ground up by Square Enix. The story will follow seven different playable characters, who are all involved in an intertwining narrative. Each character has a diverse backstory, with players only being able to choose three during any given playthrough. Together with your chosen heroes, you will need to find the fabled Mana Sword to prevent the world’s destruction. While it’s release is right in the shadow of Final Fantasy VII Remake, don’t pass this game up if you were a fan of Secret of Mana or similar JRPGs.

If you haven’t played any of the previous games and are curious about its play. There’s a demo on the Nintendo eShop that you can check out for free.

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam


ITTA by Glass Revolver – April 23

ITTA is an exciting looking bullet-hell, boss-rush style adventure game. When Itta wakes up and finds herself surrounded by her dead family, her only guide is a strange spirit that takes the form of the family cat who gifts her a glowing revolver for protection. Seek out the powerful beings locked away beneath this seemingly peaceful world and go toe-to-toe against them in harrowing battles. From hulking ancient golems to toothy horrors, Itta’s journey will push both you and her past their limits.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam


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