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Top 10 Games Coming Out April 2020

The great lockdown of 2020 continues, we’ve reached the month of April and just gotta say thank goodness for videogames. For those of you that have been knee-deep in the gaming worlds, welcome back. While others may have been binging TV shows I’ve been binging gaming and it’s been amazing. This year despite some of the release dates being moved because of COVID-19, most notably Cyberpunk 2077 & The Last of us 2. We’ve still got some great games coming out this month, most notably of the remastered sort. From the Resident Evil 3 remake, the highly anticipated FF7 Remake and the Trials of Mana Remake. There’s also a handful of great multiplayer games coming up for you to stay connected with the squad.


Resident Evil 3 Remake by CAPCOM – April 3

On the heels of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, predictably comes the Resident Evil 3 Remake. I think we can all agree that the RE2 was amazing so we’re expecting nothing less from RE3. Originally released on the PlayStation 1 you’ll need to escape once again from Raccoon City. An updated Jill Valentine complete with a new outfit is running from the T-Virus outbreak. Along with the single-player campaign, the remake will also come with Resident Evil Resistance a 1v4 online multiplayer mode.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC – Steam


Grimvalor by Direlight – April 7

An award-winning hack-n-slash action platformer is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Originally a popular mobile title we’re getting what we hope to be a very good looking port onto the Nintendo Switch. Now I’m not a huge fan of putting ports into my list but my Dark Souls, hack-n-slash fans I think this game is worth a mention. Grimvalor shines in their gameplay mechanics. The movements are fast-paced and hyper-responsive. Coupled with equipment, relics and powerful boss fights, you’re getting great combat experience in a light package. Set in the forgotten Kingdom of Vallaris you are tasked with discovering the fate of its last King, when you are cast into the abyss. Grab your sword, steel your temper and fight your way through a land that does not welcome you.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, iOS, Google Play


Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up by Joyseed Gametribe – April 9

Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up is a bit of a throwback to those launch/distance games that were quite popular about 10 years ago. Still if anytime is a time for some nostalgia it’s now. A quick on tap game you launch and control your champion to smash and roll through countless minions at highspeed. It’s a cute fun beautiful game where the lead protagonist Boulder Cobblestone searches for his lost Wonderpants (that’s his underwear). Easy to play hard to master, it’s a fun and entertaining game. Able to be played offline, it’s a good game for all you parents out there that need some inspiration to entertain your kids.

As a side note, I’m a huge fan of this Indonesian indie-game developer and while their gameplay style has changed over the years since I first met them. Their art is still something that catches my eye every time.

Platforms: iOS, Google Play


Final Fantasy VII Remake by Square Enix – April 10

The game that had all the fanboys and girls screaming is finally here. A complete remake of one of the most memorable JRPGs of all time – Final Fantasy VII. The game will release in parts and this first release will cover the events happening in Midgar. The graphics have been reworked and the turn-based gameplay has been axed, favouring a much more action-style combat closer to the Kingdom Hearts style of play. If you missed that old school style turn-based elements can still be toggled on.

Square Enix has gone to great lengths to make sure all the physical copies have been shipped in time. And for those of you that are still on the fence, the company has released a pretty solid demo on PS4 to play through. We had a lot of fun with the gorgeous new setting and gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Check out our list of Easter Eggs you might have missed!

Platform: PlayStation 4