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Just Cause 4 – What To Know Before Playing


Five Mission Types

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The best open-world games have a ton of side quests to gon on that really flesh out the world. But in Just Cause 4 there are actually 5 different types of missions that are interlinked but vary from each other. There are main missions which are related to the main plot. There are region strike missions that are aimed at weakening the regime. This will involve things such as destroying enemy bases or freeing prisoners. You’ll need to do them to capture new regions and unlock the main missions. Ensure that you have squad reserves before you take on region strikes.

Then the last three types of missions will unlock upgrades and modifications for various things.

Sargento missions – in these missions, you will unlock Retractor modification and a few other upgrades for it.

Garland missions – in these missions, you will unlock Booster modification and a few other upgrades for it.

Javi missions – in these missions, you will unlock Airlifters modification and a few other upgrades for it.


Upgrade Your Grappling Hook

As you can see from our previous guide the grappling hook is the most useful gadget in Just Cause 4. The grappling hook is available from the beginning of the game but it’s well worth completing the aforementioned missions to upgrade it. You can switch between the modifications by using the icons displayed right above your current weapon’s icon. Decide which upgrades you want to have by using the grappling hook menu. The options include:

Booster – you attach a small rocket engine to your target. Use it to, i.e. make an enemy fall into an abyss. Attach more rocket engines to destroy a truck or a helicopter.

Airlifters – attach a balloon with gas to a target to make it go upwards. Attach a balloon to an enemy to make them harmless. You can do the same with a vehicle but this will require more balloons. These balloons can also be destroyed – an enemy or a vehicle lifted by them will start falling down.

Retractor – pulls targets closer together. You can i.e. attach a cable to a helicopter and to a nearby building – this helicopter will hit the wall. This upgrade is also great in eliminating infantry – you can send hostile soldiers towards walls or ceilings.

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Complete the following three missions to unlock a modification for your grappling hook. They’ll be available after completing the first main mission.

The Secret History of Solis – complete this mission to unlock Airlifters.
Behind the Lines – complete this mission to unlock Retractor.
Garland King’s New Star – complete this mission to unlock Booster.


Breakable Structures

Almost everything in Just Cause 4 can be destroyed. Not only can you break down smaller structures, but you can also destroy larger structures such as towers. If however you’re feeling discouraged that a single shot from your rocket launcher didn’t make a dent. Don’t worry you can probably break it down, just deal more damage and the structure will eventually fall.


Just Cause 4 DLCs

If you’re liking everything that you’re playing in Just Cause 4 you may want to invest in the DLC packs. There are 3 DLCs available for the game right now.

The first DLC is called ‘Dare Devils of Destruction’ which gives you access to 15 new missions, as well as three death-defying challenges. This will dump players in a brutal death race, where they must complete stunts and combat extreme weather conditions to take the chequered flag. Survival sees players driving through a hazard-filled environment, dodging mines, wrecking balls, and other such obstacles, while Rampage is a demolition derby style “Last Car Standing” deal.

The second DLC is ‘Los Demonios’ which brings demons to the island and sounds hella fun. In this expansion, an ancient demonic threat is released from Isla De Los Annilos and Rico has to fight off swarms of giant insects (Demons) and defeat infestations of huge plant-based enemies. Vicious demons spit corrosive projectiles, possess soldiers, and even take over military vehicles and turn them against Rico. New weapons and equipment include the Demon Crossbow and Demon Egg Supply Drop.

The final Just Cause 4 DLC is called ‘Danger Rising’ where Rico joins with his mentor and former Agency operative Tom Sheldon to dodge Agency assassins and investigate a mysterious submarine that’s surfaced off the coast of the island nation of Solís. The DLC includes eight new story missions. New weapons include the powerful Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, drone-assisted Yellowstone Auto Sniper Rifle, a Cluster Bomb Launcher and the Stormalong Em Zero magnesis rifle. Most prominently featured, however, is the hoverboard. This new piece of tech will open up new ways of traversal for players, allowing you to “speed across the surface of the ocean, grind along rails and kickflip over exploding helicopters”. Cool.


Just Cause 4 is available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – Steam and Epic Games Store. If you like our beginner’s guide articles you can check out more here.


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