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Just Cause 4 – What To Know Before Playing

Just Cause 4 is free right now on the Epic Games Store! If you’ve never played any of this explosive open-world, action-adventure series then now’s the time to start. Jump into the boots of Just Cause protagonist Rico Rodriguez in the fictional South American country of Solis. Solis is run by the dictator Gabriela Morales under the regime of the Black Hand. Your job? To wreck chaos and destruction and bring it all down. Grab Just Cause 4 before April 23rd and it’s yours to keep!

Originally launched back in 2018, Just Cause 4 may have been a little overshadowed by the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 but is none the less an amazing open world to explore and destroy. With over 1,024 square kilometres of areas to cover, your adventure will bring you to vast tropical forests, high mountains, deserts and cities. Go there on foot, by motorbike, bulldozer, jet or even a wingsuit. It’s non-stop action with Just Cause 4 and we’re here to help you make your destruction even more satisfying


Master The Grappling Hook

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Just Cause 4 has a ton of weapons for you to play with and while not all of them are necessary, the grappling hook definitely is. By all means, grab those assault rifles and rocket launchers and blast everything to your heart’s content. Just keep in mind that the main thing you need to be mastering is the grappling hook.

You’ll be using the grappling hook to not just get around the map but to attack enemies and throw objects. Simply aim the crosshair and press the button to be pulled towards whatever it is you’ve selected. (This is extremely useful for grabbing snipers in towers). If you want to throw something just hold the grappling hook button, aim and release to pull whatever you want to space you specify. You can even use this to throw enemies up in the air or to attach them to a moving vehicle. It’s hilarious.

Pro Tip: In a pinch, you can use your grappling hook as a close combat weapon. It deals a fair amount of melee damage. I mean you’re slinging a grappling hook into someone’s face, it sounds pretty effective. A good combination is to grapple an enemy towards you and then hit ’em with a grappling hook attack.


Glowing Crates Are Weapon Crates

Not sure whether this tip should be in here because regardless of whether you know what it is or not you’re definitely going to break open a glowing crate right? Well for those of you that aren’t on the lookout or think they’re explosives or something, glowing crates are weapon crates. It’s a great way to get new weapons in Just Cause 4. And many boxes contain weapons ripe for demolition such as Grenade Launchers and Rocket Launchers. When you see a box, head up to it and open it up to retrieve the weapons inside.


Flying – Parachute & Wingsuit

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In a very Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild take you’re able to leap and activate your wingsuit or parachute to glide around in Just Cause 4. Use your grappling hook to get up high and take in the scenery as you cover massive amounts of ground in a single leap. Definitely my personal favourite mode of transport as it doesn’t require carjacking or waiting around for a jet.

Now when should you be using a parachute versus a wingsuit? Well, a parachute’s main function is to protect you from receiving fall damage. You won’t get that much glide with it but if you use your grappling hook to pull yourself towards, i.e. trees you’ll be able to stay in the air for much longer. Use the Wingsuit at higher altitudes to travel quickly through the air, covering more ground.


Complete the Illapa Project ASAP

There’s so much temptation in an open-world game to explore but before you do that make sure to complete a couple of the main missions first. The Illapa Project is the second main mission in Just Cause 4. The mission itself is very easy but when you complete it you’ll get access to two new options – fast travel and supply drop. Which is extremely useful. Fast travel allows you to move to some of the locations instantly and supply drop allows you to call for vehicles or weapons. Trust us and get this sorted before you start exploring the great unknown.


You Can Swim

Swimming isn’t really thought to you at the beginning of the game and because Just Cause 4 is so massive and you have a lot of ways to move about, people often do not realize that it is also possible to swim as well as go underwater! Swimming in the game works similar to most other games and there is a breath aspect to it. Whenever you are swimming, make sure you do not stay underwater for a long time, as it will drain your breath and eventually start to wither your health.