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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Tifa Lockhart Weapon Build Guide

Up next on our weapons build guide for the Final Fantasy VII Remake is the kickboxing, ass-kicking Tifa Lockhart. Cloud’s childhood friend is known for just punching and beating the crap out of her enemies. With high speed and critical hit rates, it would make sense to use her as a physical attacker but if you’d like her to have some magic on the side some of the weapons will help you make that happen. Like our previous entry, we’ll be listing out all her available weapons, where to find them and how to build her up according to your playstyle.

Without further ado here’s our guide for all the weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake for Tifa Lockhart. Check out our other character weapon’s build guides here too – Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace and Aerith Gainsborough here.


Leather Gloves

Location: Starting weapon

Proficiency: Divekick – Leap into the air and unleash a powerful kick

Strengths: Like Cloud’s Buster Sword, the Leather Gloves are Tifa’s all-round weapon with a slight physical attacking edge. Their upgrades are all pretty straightforward, and Tifa gets some nice defensive boosts, with a number of defence and HP bonuses. The perfect fit if you want Tifa to cover every base.

Recommended Materia:

• Fire, Ice, Lightning

• Healing, Chakra, HP Up

• Time

• Steal

• Parry


Metal Knuckles

Location: Chapter 5 – Secret Passageway – Obtained by defeating the Crab Warden boss

Proficiency: Overpower – Use in conjunction with basic attacks to more effectively pressure enemies

Strengths: Metal Knuckles are geared almost entirely towards physical attacks. With these, Tifa is set up to be your main melee damage dealer at the cost of much weaker magic and noticeably lower defences. Excellent for pummelling staggered opponents and dealing huge damage, but you need to keep an eye on Tifa’s HP in tougher fights.

Recommended Materia:

• Chakra, HP Up

• Parry, First Strike, Deadly Dodge

• Luck Up

• ATB Stagger


Sonic Strikers

Location: Chapter 7 – Sentenced To Death – Found in a chest in Mako Reactor 5 (B5). It’s in one of the corridors that connect the engineering labs where you use the key cards

Proficiency: Focused Strike – Evade, then unleash a charging attack. Moderately increases stagger

Strengths: A balanced weapon that has a moderate focus on magic. The Sonic Strikers won’t turn Tifa into an all-out mage, but they do allow her to effectively add offensive and/or support spells to her toolkit. Her defensive potential will take a hit though.

Recommended Materia:

• Fire, Ice, Lightning

• Healing, Barrier

• Time, ATB Boost

• MP Up, Magic Up


Feathered Gloves

Location: Chapter 10 – Follow The Waterway – Found in a chest in Sector 6 Sewers (Aquaduct 1). After lowering the water, go down and under the very first raised gate to find this chest

Proficiency: Starshower – Unleash a flurry of powerful strikes. Increases strength of next command executed

Strengths: Feathered Gloves are yet another fairly balanced weapon option for Tifa, mostly promoting physical attack. However, they do boast slightly more nuanced upgrades, such as damage reduction on block, and faster ATB gain. Overall they’re very hard to fault and allow Tifa to fill a number of roles while fighting up close with the enemy.

Recommended Materia:

• Chakra

• Deadly Dodge

• Parry, Steadfast Block

• ATB Stagger


Mythril Claws

Location: Chapter 13 – Finding Wedge – Obtained by defeating the Appendage boss

Proficiency: Chi Trap – Create an orb of materialized chi that deals damage on contact

Strengths: The Mythril Claws are Tifa’s definitive magic-boosting weapon. That said, they’re definitely geared towards offensive magic spells thanks to a number of spell power and elemental upgrades. If you want to take advantage of Tifa’s high natural speed and turn her into a Midgar’s fastest spell-slinging mage, these claws are for you.

Recommended Materia:

• Fire, Ice, Lightning

• HP Absorption

• MP Up, Magic Up

• ATB Stagger


Purple Pain

Location: Chapter 16 – Acquiring The Keycard – Found in a chest in Sector 0 – Shinra Power Company (1F – Entrance). Climb onto the truck hood in the lobby, hop onto the structure behind the display, and follow the hidden path to reach this chest

Proficiency: True Strike – Deliver a tremendous blow at close range. Increased stagger damage bonus

Strengths: Purple Pain is built for making the most of Tifa’s critical hits. Boasting a number of critical hit rate and critical hit damage upgrades. Tifa already has the fastest physical attacks in the game, which means she can really rack up the damage if she’s getting multiple critical hits in quick succession.

Recommended Materia:

• ATB Boost, ATB Stagger

• Luck Up

• Deadly Dodge


So there you have it all four of Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s character weapon builds. To check out the rest click here – Cloud StrifeBarret Wallace and Aerith Gainsborough.