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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – 10 Easter Eggs You Missed

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally here and by now you’ve probably multiple times (3 for us in counting). All I have to say is that it was well worth the wait! And if you’re interested in reading more of our review check out our ‘FF7R – What’s Hot and What’s Not‘ article. Today however you’ll be joining us as we head into Easter Egg territory. This article builds on all the Eggs from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo. From Cloud’s spiky hair gel to the Barona White apple from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. Let’s see what other little treats Square left for us! Watch out for spoilers if you haven’t finished playing the original game.


Loveless Comeback

Image Credit: The Poe

Loveless is a fictional play from the Final Fantasy VII universe. It’s made several cameos throughout the series and plays a major role in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. We first see these Loveless posters scattered around Midgar in Sector 8.

Back story: Loveless originated as a book of poetry, with its story having been adapted into a play. If you want to read the whole poem you can check it out here. The play must have been so popular because there’s even a street named after it in Midgar. The story of Loveless focuses around three men who set out on a quest to find the fabled “Gift of the goddess”. Posters and billboards for the play show a woman with the words “Open 6/25 6:00” and “18:00”. The posters also promote the Irish rock band “My Bloody Valentine” whose 1991 album is also called Loveless.

In Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7, you can spot Loveless posters all over the place in Sector 8. Genesis Rhapsodos our resident baddie has a bit of an obsession with the story of Loveless. Which is pretty obvious when he starts reciting quotes from it during each encounter you have with him.


7th Heaven Memories

If you look at the two pictures hanging on the war in Tifa’s bar 7th Heaven you’ll see screenshots of the original bar from Final Fantasy VII. In the little nook past the ‘Eggs and Chips’ sign, you should be able to spot it. The images are a little grainy, but well so was the original FF7.


The Origin Of Shinra

Image Credit: VG247

This one is a little hard to find if you’re not looking for it. But this photo neatly links up the world of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X together. In a photo of Shinra employees, you can just make out the features of an Al-Behd boy you meet in Final Fantasy X-2 (middle, bottom row). He’s pretty distinguishable in his mask and jumpsuit. His name is Shinra and you meet him as a technical prodigy serving aboard the Celsius ship.

Image Credit: VG247

Now Square has got to know what they were doing naming this kid Shinra right? Could it be that FFX was set before FF7 and this kid began the Shinra megacorporation that we know today? It would make sense then for this image to be featured in the Shinra Headquarters.


Tifa’s Cowboy Boots

Final Fantasy 7 VII Remake, Tifa Lockhart, Easter Eggs, Nibelheim

In Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slim there are 6 side missions for you to complete. Once you’ve completed all of them Tifa will suggest that you go back to her place to ‘rest’. Oh, yeaaaa gurl I know what you want! Oh, you just want us to help you pick your clothes… cool, cool, cool. Well since you’re helping her pick her clothes, have a look near the foot of her bed. You should be able to spot a pair of brown cowboy boots. The cowboy boots are a callback to when Tifa worked in Nibelheim as a tour guide to Mt. Nibel. I’m not sure why a mountain tour guide was dressed as a cowgirl, complete with hat, boots and a little leather skirt but she was.


The Princess

In Chapter 4 you’ll have the option to sneak around Jessie’s house, which you should definitely do. On the drawers, you’ll find a letter that Jessie has addressed to her parents telling them that she’s landed a starring role in a play. She’s playing a Princess at the Gold Saucer. Which I’m sure is the same play you get roped into when you’re on your date at the Gold Saucer in the original game.