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10 Video Game Moments From The 2010s That Will Make You Ugly Cry

8. Sacrificing Chloe – Life Is Strange (2015)

Life is Strange was a trip that I was not prepared for. After playing five episodes of this coming of age, teen, angst, drama, I became emotionally invested. I got attached to the all quirky citizens of Arcadia Bay, I made friends, rewound time to help everyone I could and of course, there’s Chloe. You can choose to play Chloe as a love interest or as a best friend but either way, she’ll get under your skin. You watch her go through so much, death, heartbreak, murder and you try and save her every time. Literally ripping apart the fabric of time to make sure she can stand by your side. But in the end, she’s right. She’s in some weird Final Destination loop and you’re only delaying the inevitable. The right choice is to save the town and sacrifice her, but man does it hurt.

That moment where you rewind back to the beginning only to have to listen to Chloe dying without doing anything is soul-crushing. All you can do is sit on the floor and cry as every single choice you made before is undone and replaced with the reality where Chloe is dead. I’m so sorry Chloe. I’ll never forget you. 

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9. Quiet’s Death – Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain (2015)

It’s a tale as old as time, the elite assassin is hired to kill a mark but ends up falling in love with said mark. Well, who can blame her really? But because this is Metal Gear Solid there’s a twist. Quiet at the brink of her death accepted an injection with a parasite that will heal her and give her enhanced powers. Which makes her some sort of superman plant, absorbing her nutrients from Earth’s yellow sun. But the twist is if she were to speak in English, she would release a parasitic epidemic. 

Quiet was sent in as an organic bomb into Diamond Dogs but she refused to complete her mission and remained silent. In Mission 45, Quiet is captured by the Soviets and nearly raped, leading to a massive killing spree. Girl can kick ass. Venom Snake arrives intending to free her and together they take out a giant tank unit. Quiet, knocked out in battle was carried by Snake through a sandstorm, but unfortunately was bitten by a cobra and fell unconscious. She woke first and saw the situation Snake was in. Having no other choice but to speak English to save Snake, she did. Thereby calling for aid but spreading the parasites. After that, she had to choice but to leave to avoid affecting anyone else. That final recording she leaves for Snake feels like a full yank on my heartstrings.


10. Aunt May’s Death – Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018)

This game is the best adaptation of Spider-Man, movies included and I’m ready to fight on this. Insomniac did a wonderful job making a fun, web-swinging game, but what they added was a deeper and richer experience that I wasn’t expecting. The game thank goodness didn’t take us through another high school Spider-Man origin story. Our Spidey is a little more grown-up and is tackling balancing life as a real person and a superhero. It’s a subtle theme in the game that Peter Parker will always choose to do things for the greater good. But in those moments even though Spider-Man wins, Peter the man loses. He takes down Kingpin but ends up sleeping at a homeless shelter. He beats Doctor Octopus but ultimately breaks Otto Octavius his mentor and hero. The worst of all happens when he saves the entire city but loses his Aunt May.

After battling so hard to defeat Doc Ock to get the antiserum to stop the global epidemic you’re able to save everyone, but Aunt May. You have to decide between either producing enough serum for everyone in the city or just saving her. It’s not much of a choice, really and it almost hurts that Aunt May understands. She’s known you were Spider-Man this whole time and she’s proud of you. Now somebody needs to tell me what happens after that because I was crying too hard to go on. 


So there we have it our list and first video of games that will make you ugly cry. Did any of these games make you cry? Do you think we should do a part 2 video? What were the saddest moments in gaming for you? And if you liked our 2010s series do check out our other articles.

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