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World Of Horror Is A No Win Horror Game – All Endings

I can describe World of Horror in two words, nightmare fuel. Part Lovecraft, part Junji Ito, you guide your character to solve horrific mysteries over and over again until you die. Set in a quiet Japanese town filled with eldritch beings, wild-eyed cultists, and impossibly twisted human forms. You have a DOOM metre that counts down the time until the Old Gods are released. It’s extremely creepy stuff.

Developed by solo Polish developer, Pawel Kozminski or Panstasz and published by ysbryd games. World of Horror is a uniquely narrative-focused roguelike game that encourages you to stray from the path. Delve into side stories, discover new items and encounters, even if it means losing the overall playthrough. In order to get all the endings. The gameplay of World of Horror is simple, pick from several playable characters, then select from a larger pool of “investigations” or stories. You solve them by clicking locations on a town map, collecting items and facing random encounters. All while the game tells its nightmare story in a text box. Complete one story, rinse and repeat.

We’ve played and have here the list of all the horrific endings that you can uncover in World of Horror (Early Access). More to come when the full game is released, enjoy.


Alarming Account of Abnormal Arms

  • Ending #1 – Pervert
    This mystery has only one ending so don’t be afraid of missing out on anything. But if you choose to complete the side objective, you’ll be rewarded with a small key at the end of the mystery.

Chilling Chronicle of A Crimson Cape

  • Ending #1 – Red Coat (Thing)
    You must do the side objective and gather gossip at the schoolyard. When you encounter Aka Manto, chose ‘I don’t want anything from you!’. You will then have to fight Aka Manto (True Form).
  • Ending #2 – Red Coat (Man)
    Play the mystery normally and select either of the Red or Blue paper if prompted (You will always lose 5 Stamina). You will then have to fight Aka Manto, killing him drops his Crestfallen Mask.

Curious Case of A Contagious Coma

  • Ending #1 – Dream Devourer
    Do the side objective, giving you Dust of Seeing. Use it when prompted to at the quarantine wing and you’ll fight the Dream Devourer.
  • Ending #2 – Sated… for now
    Do the mystery as straightforward as possible and choose to Investigate when prompted at the quarantine wing.

Eerie Episode of Evolving Eels

  • Ending #1 – Eye Surgery
    Play through the mystery as normal and when prompted, puncture Kana’s eye out, choosing to will allow you to keep her as an ally.
  • Ending #2 – Missing Friend
    Play through the mystery as normal and when prompted, select to take Kana to the hospital.
  • Ending #3 – Bonus Ending
    As soon as you get to the Kana’s apartment hit the escape button and leave.

Far-Out Fable of A Fear Festival

  • Ending #1 – Too Late
    Play through normally, just using the Inn instead of visiting the Forest. When you’re forced into the Forest, rest until you’re forced into the Overgrown Factory.
  • Ending #2 – Police Raid
    Whenever you have a chance, visit the Forest. When you’re forced into the Forest-Only, immediately go to the Overground Factory.

Freaky Feature of Found Footage

  • Ending #1 –
    Shunned House – Obtain the Can of Acid from the Seaside Hardware Store. In the end, when you look inside the well, choose to use the Can of Acid.
  • Ending #2
    Wishing Well – Play through normally, without obtaining the Can of Acid. In the end, select ‘Peek Inside The Well’.
  • Ending #3
    Tapes – Play through normally, and at the end, select ‘Take the Tapes’ instead of looking in the well.