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Casting For The Last Of Us TV Series


Tess – Antje Traue

The Last of Us, HBO, TV Series, Casting, Tess, Anje Traue

A minor character in the game I don’t really expect to be seeing her on the show that much. That being said Antje Traue could play the part of a badass survivor in the post-apocalypse. Memorable for her role in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, she has a no-nonsense attitude that resonates well with Tess’ ruthless survival instincts. Plus point girl knows how to handle herself in a fight.


Tess – Annie Wersching

The Last of Us, HBO, TV Series, Casting, Tess, Annie Wersching

The Last of Us killed it with their voice acting with no small thanks to their cast. So why not cast the voice of Tess, Annie Wersching in her role. Mostly a TV actress, Wersching plays a number of badass roles. Mostly wielding a gun in law enforcement as portrayed by her role in 24 and my personal favourite The Rookie. If you haven’t watched that TV series yet do yourself a favour and check it out.


Tommy – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

The Last of Us, HBO, TV Series, Casting, Tommy, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Tommy is the selfless, sympathetic and more optimistic version of Joel. They share a special bond but it’s one that’s complicated. Tommy is more level-headed, more strategic, and more willing to think of the needs of the many compared to his own ambition. Together they did terrible things to survive but Tommy still feels incredibly guilty for. So I kinda had trouble casting for this one and it really depends who they cast as Joel as well you know because of age differences etc. but I’m going for it and pick Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. I don’t know how it happened that the casting for this Last of Us HBO series got so many Game of Thrones veterans but there we go. He’s a tad older than I would’ve thought but he has both the serious and lighthearted range to go with Tommy. Plus dude kinda looks like him too.


Bill – W. Earl Brown

The Last of Us, HBO, TV Series, Casting, Bill, W Earl Brown

As you can tell I’m all for the voice actors just living their roles. And in this case, because Brown was actually motion-captured for the part he is Bill. Not just a voice actor he’s famous for his role in Deadwood, where he pretty much looks like he does now. Bill is the paranoid and fearful ally of Joel and Tess. Though Bill seems to play into some classic zombie/outbreak tropes he suffers a tragedy which plays a key part in Joel’s journey, so it’ll take a seriously talented character actor to bring him to life.


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  1. John K March 6, 2020

    Those are absolutely wonderful picks, the only one I would add is Kaitlyn Dever for Ellie..

    • Kaylee Kuah March 7, 2020 — Post author

      Thanks it was a hard but fun list to make 😁! I shortlisted Kaitlyn Dever! Was just worried she would look too mature for Ellie. Although that could be said for Maisie Williams too.

  2. Madhuchhanda Gidwani March 8, 2020

    Wud really like Gerard Butler for the role of “Joel” as he is rugged and emotes too well.

  3. sue wilis March 8, 2020

    Would like Gerard Butler for the role of Joel, he would be prefect for it.

  4. Rodney Newbury March 10, 2020

    Interesting. Particularly the mentioning of Antje Traue. She has recently said in an interview that she would consider again to take on international roles. Some have speculated she could return as Faora to the DCEU, but if J.J. Abrams will really relaunch Superman v2, then very likely with a completely new cast compared to MoS and younger actors in the lead roles. That said, I do like the casting proposals for The Last of Us made here.

    • Kaylee Kuah March 11, 2020 — Post author

      Totally agree that if Superman was rebooted there would be a new younger cast, as is the trend right now. It ended up working for Spider-Man! Castwise for Last of Us it would be great to see a mix of different heritages playing each role. I’m glad you like the list! I’m a fan of Antje Traue’s foreign work and she was absolutely captivating in Man of Steel. Both alluring and commanding, given the fact that her head was obstructed by that helmet for most of it.

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