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Casting For The Last Of Us TV Series

The Last of Us is a work of art. Its gritty and emotional story between Joel and Ellie in a post-apocalyptic world became an instant classic in the world of gaming. Now seven years later it’s been announced that HBO will be bringing the critically acclaimed game to the screen. Creator and writer of The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann will be working with Craig Mazin on this live-action project. As of now, this is the only announcement, there hasn’t been any other news or anybody else hired for The Last of Us, TV series. So we should only expect to see a release date sometime in 2022. In the meantime allow us to assist with our recommendation of casting choices.


Joel – Dylan McDermott


Fricking Troy Baker’s voice is a dream. I don’t know anything about his acting chops but if he can play the role then play it, baby! God dude is hot AF it’s really not fair. But if he can’t play the role then Dylan McDermott. Face casting am I right? But not only does Dylan McDermott get a pass in the looks department he also plays a great Ben Harmon in American Horror Story. I know popular opinion is Josh Brolin and Hugh Jackman. Because Logan was basically the X-Men version of The Last of Us in reverse. But hear me out. Ben Harmon in American Horror Story has some crazy calm vibes that suddenly explode with emotion. Kinda like our man Joel.


Joel – Gerard Butler

The Last of Us, HBO, TV Series, Casting, Joel Miller, Gerard Butler

Next up on the casting list is Gerard Butler. Joel is a rugged survivalist haunted by the memories of those he lost. So I don’t know about you but 300 and Nim’s Island should be a good enough resume for our gruff warrior cum island daddy. Dude can grow a beard like nobody’s business too.


Joel – Andrew Lincoln


More than just a hilarious meme Andrew Lincoln already knows his way around a zombie apocalypse thanks to his role as one of the most amazing TV characters Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. He’s already got the combat training plus that haunted look in his eyes as he prepares to sacrifice himself over and over again for the people he loves. He’s probably not the closest on this list in terms of face matching but it could work.


Ellie – Dafne Keen

The Last of Us, HBO, TV Series, Casting, Ellie Williams, Dafne Keen

Ellie is a hard cast. We’re looking for someone young but experienced enough that can pull gravitas to this important role. I know we didn’t cast Hugh Jackman here but Dafne Keene’s role as X-23 on Logan was memorable. She’s still small enough for the role and her recent launch in HBO’s His Dark Materials TV series showcases a wide range of acting chops. Minus just yelling at Hugh Jackman. She might just have enough experience to pull this off.


Ellie – McKenna Grace

The Last of Us, HBO, TV Series, Casting, Ellie Williams, McKenna Grace

She’s a young one! Born just as I was graduating high school… don’t linger too long on that fact, this little star is only 13 years old. McKenna Grace has been acting since she was 7 years old and has since been in a huge amount of TVs and Movies. Captain Marvel included. The most notable performances that could cast her in the role as Ellie are I, Tonya and Gifted. There’s a certain seriousness to her acting that belies her youthful looks which would be exactly what we’re looking for in, Ellie. At 13 years old she’s only a year younger than Ellie as well.



  1. Those are absolutely wonderful picks, the only one I would add is Kaitlyn Dever for Ellie..

    • Thanks it was a hard but fun list to make 😁! I shortlisted Kaitlyn Dever! Was just worried she would look too mature for Ellie. Although that could be said for Maisie Williams too.

  2. Interesting. Particularly the mentioning of Antje Traue. She has recently said in an interview that she would consider again to take on international roles. Some have speculated she could return as Faora to the DCEU, but if J.J. Abrams will really relaunch Superman v2, then very likely with a completely new cast compared to MoS and younger actors in the lead roles. That said, I do like the casting proposals for The Last of Us made here.

    • Totally agree that if Superman was rebooted there would be a new younger cast, as is the trend right now. It ended up working for Spider-Man! Castwise for Last of Us it would be great to see a mix of different heritages playing each role. I’m glad you like the list! I’m a fan of Antje Traue’s foreign work and she was absolutely captivating in Man of Steel. Both alluring and commanding, given the fact that her head was obstructed by that helmet for most of it.

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