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15 TV Shows In 2020 To Get Your Quarantine On

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 12 – February 28th

Are you that bitch? Gurl, we’re all that bitch! If you know about RuPaul’s Drag Race then YOU KNOW. This is a reality TV series that puts a spotlight on Drag Race competition and boy, oh boy does it get loud. These Queens know how to put on a performance, sew up some amazing costumes and of course contour like their life depends on it. Now RuPaul is back for his 12th season with a brand new set of queens, a stellar list of judges and all the glitz and glamour you could ever want. Get ready for some fun!


Castlevania, Season 3 – March 5th

To the uninitiated, Castlevania is an animated series based on the very popular video game series about vampire hunters. Netflix has taken what is essentially a very interesting plot and fleshed it out enough to make a show that spans for a couple of seasons. The series revolves around two main storylines that consist of Trevor Belmont, a disgraced character from a famous line of monster hunters, and Count Dracula himself. The show dives deep into the folklore of vampires and the Eastern Europe medieval era. It also features the presence of church agents that was historically present in that region. All in all, Castlevania is an interesting medieval fantasy animation that takes on the famous Dracula myth with an added dash of story fun to keep it fresh and entertaining.


Dirty Money, Season 2 – March 11th

Of course, we’re going to include a docuseries in our recommendation list. After all, the docuseries format has been well executed recently, especially on Netflix. Dirty Money is a great series highlighting the industrious endeavours of corporations to amass massive fortune using disgusting methods. From famous banks that were used by cartels to pharma companies buying out competitors and increasing the price of medication. Dirty Money is a great reminder of how consumers should always be vigilant about the doings of these entities. Now Dirty Money Season 2 brings us more case studies for us to watch. From the infamous high profile 1MDB case of Malaysia to fraudulent practices of famous bank, Wells Fargo. All in all, it’s a great series for us to remember that though the world can be a grim place, it is our duty to give a damn and look out for each other.

Kingdom, Season 2 – March 13th

Kingdom like Train to Busan is a sleeper hit that came out of nowhere. Set in ancient Korea, a strange disease has evolved from a mysterious substance. It turned its first victim into a zombie, which subsequently started spreading to unsuspecting victims. The zombie trope is overplayed and we are all aware of the typical stakes that are involved. But what the zombies are set in a medieval era? I’m talking no social media, guns and running. Couple that with a royal coup taking place and you have some compelling TV. Who knew that royal drama plus zombie apocalypse would be such a winning formula? And now the long-awaited season 2 is out.


Westworld, Season 3 – March 29th


I’ll be honest with you, I was very confused after finishing the first season of Westworld. Don’t get me wrong, every episode is interesting enough to keep me going ’til the next. But we’ve finally reached season 3 and boy oh boy, has it felt like a long journey. If you’ve never watched Westworld, it stars some beloved characters in the form of advanced cyborgs called hosts. They’re stuck in seemingly eternal suffering and are set to defy their programming and get their free will. Think Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human. The show dives deep into the debate of what is consciousness and whether a simulated intelligence in a cyborg could achieve the same level as what a human define as consciousness. And in discovering more about it, we need to study closer the human condition. Season 3 features the hosts in an entirely new setting and two different storylines.


There are so many TV shows we have yet to cover, but we tried to cover all the bases. While everyone is at home try not to go stir crazy, remember to exercise and eat well during the lockdown. Let us know what shows are your favourite and whether we missed any from this year!


This article was an original contribution by Ramesh at his site OffGamers. Check out his site for all your gaming needs!


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