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Top 10 Games Coming Out March 2020

With both next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony set to release sometime during the holidays this 2020, we’re essentially counting down the days before we’re set to say goodbye to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But even if that’s true, let it NOT be said that the current generation of consoles isn’t going out with a bang.

January and February may have been relatively quiet months — you could argue that only Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was the only noteworthy title released – but the fun’s just getting started. The truth is, 2020 is full of big releases. This includes a surprising amount of triple AAA titles, remakes of beloved classics, and a couple of noteworthy indie games. With that said, we took the time to list down, some of the games that we can’t wait to play this March 2020.


Weakless by Punk Notion, Another Road – March 4th

You’re going to notice a lot of gorgeous looking indie puzzle-adventure games this month. And the first one we have for you coming out next week is Weakless. Play as two Weavelings – carefree, wooden creatures – one of which is deaf, the other blind. You’ll need to work with both of them in this fantasy world to solve challenging puzzles. Grow your bond and get a unique perspective on how each of your characters perceives the world.

Your goal is to protect the village and the Weavelings’ civilization by restoring the steady flow of Resin, the life energy for every living creature in this world. To save the land from the advancing Rot. You’ll be travelling through a world of wonderful distinctive landscapes as you watch the story unfold of an unlikely friendship that develops wordlessly.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


Broomstick League by Virtual Basement – March 6th


I think we can all agree that this game is basically the Quidditch game we’ve all been waiting for. Half Harry Potter and half Rocket League, Broomstick League is not exactly Quidditch. But it’s a helluva lot better than that Quidditch game we got back in 2003. The game is a 3v3 game so no beaters, chasers and all that. By the way, is it just me or were the whole Seeker and Snitch part of the game kinda weird? It really messes up the whole team dynamics of the sport if you ask me.

In Broomstick League, you don’t ram the ball as you do in Rocket League. You’re a wizard flying around on a broomstick, so you can actually pull the ball toward you with a magnetism spell. And rather than bumping the ball in front of you, you actually carry it with you, attempting to blast it (again, with magic) into a teammates hands or into the opponent’s goal. If Broomstick League play their cards right we could be looking at another competitive phenomenon. Now that Fortnite, Rocket League and Overwatch are dying down.

Platform: PC


Ori and the Will of the Wisps by Moon Studios – March 11th

The sequel to the popular game Ori and the Blind Forest comes Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Get ready to re-enter the beautiful hand-painted world of the little spirit Ori, this time with the little owlet Ku in tow. This little owl is trying to find his wings, but with one of them damaged it’s going to be some time before this pair can take off to the skies. No longer trying to stop the end of the world, this time Ori is trying to bring a family back together and heal a broken land. If the previous games are anything to be based off on I’m expecting feels and tears.

We last saw Ori and the Will of the Wisps at Xbox E3’s 2019 press conference. Early reviews of Ori and the Will of the Wisps have emphasised a few differences from the previous titles. This time around there’s a much bigger emphasis on combat. The skill tree has been reworked and there’s an interchangeable customisable loadout, making the game more accessible to a wider audience. The title looks like another winner for the team at Moon Studios.

Platform: Xbox One, PC


Nioh 2 by Team Ninja – March 13th

Having been prominently featured for most of the 2010s, it seems like “Souls-like” titles are finally starting to enter their twilight years. This isn’t to say that they’re no longer popular. But with so many titles borrowing elements from the beloved Souls franchise, it’s become increasingly difficult for one “Souls-like” game to differentiate itself from the others. Thankfully, Nioh 2, the sequel to the pleasant surprise that was 2017’s Nioh, is set to make “Souls-like” titles a bit more relevant for much longer.

If you haven’t played the original Nioh you can check out our review here. But considering how positive the comments have been from those who were invited to try out the game’s open beta phase, and the fact that it’s the same people at Team Ninja that’s behind it, we can expect a challenging title that will keep you coming back for more.

Platform: PlayStation 4


Stela by SkyBox Labs – March 13th

Stela is a cinematic, atmospheric platformer about a young woman witnessing the final days of a mysterious ancient world. Run through the crumbling world as she runs through a world of ruin. A 2D silent side-scrolling adventure it feels similar to PlayDead’s Inside and Limbo. As you can see from the trailer this game is stunning to look at, if a little creepy. You’ll need to make your way through elaborate puzzles, creep past dangerous monsters and survive your new nightmare reality.

Platforms: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS


Animal Crossing: New Horizons — March 20th

Seven years later (give or take), Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a new expansion and fans of the franchise couldn’t be any happier. Set to let players build their own community on a deserted island, Animal Cross: New Horizons will add a modern twist to the old franchise formula. Yes, you’ll still be doing all of those classic activities that you’ve missed. This includes catching fish and sending off animal villagers to wherever you want them to go just because you don’t like them. But that’s not all. In this game, you’ll also be able to craft new tools and furniture, as well as featuring support for both online and local co-op gameplay. Nintendo just had an Animal Crossing Direct last week and we’ve listed the full details in this article if you’d like to read more.

Platform: Nintendo Switch