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The Best Of Gaming Recreated In Dreams

Dreams by Media Molecule is an incredible platform for creation. With its powerful toolkit, you can make anything from games to music, art and animation. It’s an ever-expanding community-driven creative space and since its release, last weekend already has some amazing games. If you can’t dream your own dream you can always recreate someone else’s and that’s exactly what people have been doing. Creators have been rebuilding worlds from Fallout, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Dead Space and more. It’s impressive, immersive and some even have full gameplay. Here’s a rundown of the best game worlds recreated in Dreams.


Legend Of Zelda

Legend of Zelda has such an iconic game world and soundtrack. Its games are classics so it’s no wonder that the creators on Dreams have chosen to recreate it. There are so many places that have been made from the Kokiri Forest, Hyrule Field to Ganon’s Castle. The games span everything from its 2D days to the very recent Link’s Awakening. We’ve got some of our favourite shots below but I’d also like to put a special mention to BluArte who made a kickass Hyrule Field complete with Epona.

Created by: |-Snow-|
Created by: bat-19, s7stringMadness & sigilkeeper321


Created by: brellom



P.T. or ‘playable teaser’ goes down in history as a game that never would be. Directed and designed by the legendary Hideo Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro (check out the full story here). It’s a first-person psychological horror game and was an interactive teaser to the instalment of the Silent Hills series. The project was ultimately scrapped but in that time received critical acclaim for its story, direction and visuals. Now you can relive it all in Dreams.

Created by: lewisc729


Dead Space

This Dead Space Dreams remake boasts an impressive 15 minutes of playable gameplay. It’s pretty much a game demo. For those of you that haven’t played Dead Space before, it’s one of the better sci-fi survival horror video games that was released back in 2008.


Created by: CoTy-Y


Stardew Valley

cTooshi remade Stardew Valley in 3D and I really want to play that version of the game! One of the top simulation RPG games of the decade, Stardew Valley features a quaint little town and you as a farmer. The game’s iconic style is 2D pixel art but this recreation of Pelican Town in 3D feels amazing. You can’t farm or interact in this version of the game but it’s still an amazing place to explore. Check it out below.

Created by: cTooshi


Super Mario

Another franchise for the ages is Super Mario. We’ve played all the different versions. Mario as a 2D platformer, RPG Mario, Mario as a street racer, Mario playing a board game. All the Marios. Now we have the recreated Dreams Super Mario 64 game from the Nintendo 64. It’s an impressive recreation complete with platforming, stars and coins. It’s so good I’m a little worried that Nintendo is going to shut it down.

Created by: AntonioDSZ1


Metal Gear Solid

This is just a short level set in the Metal Gear Solid world. The original plan by Bearskopff was to recreate the whole MGS game but unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time for that. It’s not all a loss however because when you play this short level of sneaking around and collecting rations. You’ll unlock a suite of MGS collectables for you to start creating your own Metal Gear Solid game.

Created by: Bearskopff


Sonic The Hedgehog

This recreated game is unbelievable, it looks like a legit production. In this fully functioning game, you play as Sonic to find the lost emeralds. The amount of effort and detail here is phenomenal. There’s dialogue, different levels, enemies and even puzzles. Sonic doesn’t exactly speed along but there is a little bit of running. Still, it’s very impressive, the Sonic model looks pretty darn accurate. Kudos to this one!

Created by: MAKI360


Fallout 4

Finally the mackdaddy of all the video game recreations. This pretty damn accurate recreation of Fallout 4. I can’t get over the amount of detail and effort went into this project. There are 6 free-roaming quests included as well as 4 minigames. The dude even made a trailer for his game. If you were going to check out any games on Dreams it has got to be this one. I’m going to include another gameplay video at the bottom, it’s a little long but well worth the view.

Created by: Robo_Killer_v2


Dreams is one of our Top 10 Games from February 2020 and is exclusive to the PS4. It’s currently retailing for USD$39.99 or RM169.