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Metro Exodus – What To Know Before Playing


Not Everyone Is An Enemy

The world of Metro Exodus is a hostile one, but there are some genuinely good people out there, like Krest and Katya. You’ll run into refugees and other passive NPCs out in the wastes. As long as you don’t start any trouble, these folks will leave you alone. So before you open fire, always check people with your reticle to see if they’re enemies. Red for bad guys, green for friends and neutral is yellow. You can also holster your weapon before approaching them to show that you aren’t looking for a fight. Many NPCs will thank you for this simple show of peace.  


Be A Master Of Stealth Combat

You’re given a large number of options when approaching a given situation. But stealth has always been a big part of the Metro games, so this tip might be kind of obvious. Most human enemies can be elimination by sneaking up behind them and pressing a button – it will change depending on if you are going to knock them out or kill them with a knife. With the Tikhar rifle or the Helsing crossbow, you can also place headshots to quietly eliminate humans and mutants alike. But if one of their friends sees it happen, you’ll be in trouble. To stay hidden for as long as possible, keep your flashlight off during these encounters.

Whenever you can as well use silenced weapons. Silenced weapons aren’t totally undetectable, but compared to normal weapons which attract every mutant and bandit in earshot, they’re a godsend. Most weapons, including shotguns, can be fitted with a silencer, so always check for one at your crafting bench.  


The Best Weapon Is The Tikhar Rifle

And imma tell you why. The Tikhar Rifle is the only weapon that you can craft ammo for on the go. The steel balls it shoots are relatively cheap to make, saving you that hard-earned material. Whatever you can save in a post-apocalypse, am I right? The rifle is also remarkably effective once you get some upgrades for it. A fully charged headshot will one-shot most mutants and bandits, and it won’t make as much noise as a sniper rifle or shotgun. You have to keep both its pump and ammo topped off, but it’s a small price to pay to you know, be alive.  


Knock Out Enemies Rather Than Kill Them

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It’s always better to stealthily knock enemies unconscious rather than kill them. Knocking them out makes less noise than executing them, and it won’t negatively affect your karma. Enemies, you KO will never wake up either, so there’s no real upside to killing them. Not only that, if enemies see that you’ve knocked out many of their comrades, they’ll be more likely to surrender, allowing you to knock them out. Playing peacefully is the key to success. It saves ammo and preserves your karma, so take it slow and stealthy whenever possible. Especially if you want to get the good ending – and you do, because it’s a great finale. 


Metro Exodus is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. It’s currently USD$23.99 at 40% off on the Steam Store. With its DLC – The Two Colonels also on sale. The other DLC Sam’s Story is still full price.


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