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Metro Exodus – What To Know Before Playing

Metro Exodus is the third instalment of the post-apocalyptic FPS game by 4A games. It was launched last year as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store but as of last weekend, it’s out on Steam. Metro Exodus made our list for one of our Top 10 Wasteland Games and one of the Best Games from Gamescom 2018, so it’s pretty good. In this world, there are countless hazards and bloodthirsty mutants just waiting to kill you. It’s pretty easy to lose yourself in this nuclear winter, but with some helpful tips, you may just survive.

If you’ve played the previous Metro games you’ll realise that Exodus differs in one large way. You’re out of the tunnels this time and leading your companions above ground to find a new home. Unlike the previous instalments, in Metro Exodus, we’ll be subject to changes in weather, as well as the day and night cycle. In addition, your actions can affect your companions, will they all survive this journey?


Craft The Compass After You Meet Krest

Not long after you enter the icy Volga, you’ll meet an engineer named Krest. He’s up in a crane overlooking a mutant-infested warehouse, and his place is a hotbed of materials and machinery. His place is equipped with a crafting bench, which will allow you to craft and install the compass attachment for your brace. The red needle on this compass always points to your current primary objective, so it’s incredibly handy to have when you’re out exploring. Later on, you’ll get the option to replace it with a radar device that points out the location of nearby lifeforms.


Scan The Area Using Your Binoculars

Another gift from Krest is a pair of binoculars, which prove very handy indeed. You can use the binoculars to scope out what lies ahead, confirm enemy locations, and mark it all on your map. If you scan over an optional objective using the binoculars you’ll hear a click. Hold and it will automatically make a question mark appear on your map (try zooming if it doesn’t ‘pop’). So be sure to stop and take in your surroundings every once in a while.  


Check For Toxic Surroundings

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The post-apocalypse is heavy with radiation and toxic environments. Make sure to keep an eye out on your air filter time when you’re in an area with toxic air. The air filter timer is on a piece of gear on your left arm. The timer will count down only when you’re in an area with toxic air. If the timer is not going down, this means you can take your gas mask off. If you hear a high-pitched beep and see a notification to change your filter, it means you have less than one minute remaining before it’ll be completely worn out. You can craft more air filters whenever you want, and certain key areas will also occasionally offer air filters as loot.

Other hazardous environments to watch out for are high radiation areas. On your gear hand is a Geiger counter that will turn from green to red whenever you’re in an area with high levels of radiation. Avoid any of these areas when you come across them. The only exception being in a few story-specific areas that have a clear path.


Be An Eavesdropper

Sometimes NPC talk is all babble and propaganda but in Metro Exodus chatter can be relevant. Some of the best dialogue in the game can be found in random conversations, not to mention some of the most helpful. You can learn more about your surroundings by listening to enemy conversations, and some guards will even unwittingly tip you off to new objectives. So if you hear anyone chatting while you’re sneaking around, stop and stay awhile.