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Top 10 Games Coming Out February 2020

Is it February already? This year has just been flying by and now we’ve already hit the second month of 2020! I hope all of you got some red packets to spend for this month’s upcoming games. For some reason February, in particular, is loaded with re-releases, from Yakuza 5 to Mega Man. Not that we’re complaining. But there are a few original titles on this list including a couple of horror games and the long-awaited Dreams.


Dawn of Fear by Brok3nsite – February 3rd

First off in the list, we have a horror game that is set to be released as an exclusive for the PS4, and boy oh boy, does it look scary. Inspired by popular horror games such as Silent Hill, Dawn of Fear takes all the elements that made Silent Hill a horrifying experience to a whole new level. Set in the 90s, the story revolves around Alex who is investigating the mysteries surrounding his old mansion. Marked by the tragedies of the past, Alex has lost all his family members one by one. By the time he returns back to his childhood home, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to leave.

It’s a similar vibe to classic Resident Evil, stuck in an old mansion with limited resources. In order to help Alex to survive, you’ll have to use logic to solve puzzles, manage your ammo and keep your nerves in check to avoid being dragged by the horror that permeates the house. 

Platform: PlayStation 4


Yakuza 5 Remastered by Sega – February 14th

Remastered games seem to be the trend now for game studios to embark on. And it makes sense when the game that they’re planning to remaster is a classic hit. Yakuza 5 was released back in 2012 and tells the story of a former gangster trying to escape his past. But the war between the clans force him back into his old life. It’s excellent storytelling and kickass gameplay.

The remastered version will see improvements in several aspects of the game, not only the looks. The game does look better with a new improved graphics engine that renders the game models to look more updated. The remaster also brings us a couple of other goodies: new playable characters, new locations, as well as new side stories. All in all, fans of this franchise will be able to relive the experience of Yakuza 5 in a new light, together with new content made available in this game.

Platform: PlayStation 4


Dreams by Media Molecule – February 14th

From the creators of Little Big Planet comes Dreams, a creative space where you have the freedom to create anything. Dreams is an extraordinary, ever-expanding game universe, where you can discover community-made games and art from around the world… and learn to make your own. Create anything from games to gadgets, music to movies, puzzles to paintings and everything in-between and beyond. We’ve been waiting for this game for a while but I think the delay looks worth the wait.

The latest evolution of the studio’s Play, Create, Share maxim, Dreams gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity. Bring your ideas to life with innovative, easy-to-use tools, then share them with a global community. Dreams is an extraordinary digital playground where anything is possible.

Platform: PlayStation 4


Hunt: Showdown by Crytek – February 18th

Originally published on Steam, Hunt: Showdown finally gets a port on PlayStation 4 and it promises to be an exciting new experience for players. The Hunt: Showdown premise is a first-person shooter, horror survival game based in the late 1890s. You and your fellow hunter are there to take takedown the monsters of the world. It’s something of a unique multiplayer premise, in comparison to the battle royale craze of the last few years. The game features a two-person team, with both PvP and PvE modes.

The basics are familiar: players choose a loadout, spawn on a marshy patch of dirt and vie for supremacy. The twist is you’re not alone, as zombies and other ghouls prowl these knee-high lakes and abandoned cabins. You’re on a mission for one creature, in particular, your bounty. You’ll have to gather mystical clues to find their exact location. All is fair in love and bounty as there will be other teams vying for the same objective. You can prevent them from doing so by either finishing the objective yourself or eliminating them entirely from the game. Juggle between killing monsters and other players while trying your best to stay silent in the dangerous terrain.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


The Suicide Of Rachel Foster by One-O-One Games – February 20th

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is an eerie-looking first-person narrative adventure game set in a “desolate mountain hotel” in the early 1990s. Trapped by a blizzard, and with no connection to the outside world beyond the disembodied voice of a distant FEMA agent, players will explore the hotel in an effort to piece together “a dark family mystery.” Familiar? Then you’ve probably played Gone HomeWhat Remains of Edith Finch, and/or Firewatch at some point.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is a story of love and death, where melancholy and nostalgia melt into a thrilling ghost tale. We play as teenager Nicole who is trying to sell her family’s hotel. She and her mother left after discovering her father’s affair with, a young girl named Rachel. Eventually, that girl became pregnant and committed suicide. Mature and dark theme warnings.

Platform: PC