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The Best Rated Temtem To Have In Your Squad


Barnshe – Best Sp. Attack & Sp. Defence

Traditionally associated with the University of Arbury as its heraldic Temtem, this species has a deep, piercing stare. Although winged, it prefers to keep to the ground and use its mind as a weapon – a symbolism the academics are very fond of.

Type: Mental / Wind


Raize – Best Fighting

Fierce and indomitable as the fire, Raize are difficult to tame but extremely valuable as fighting Temtem. Each has a characteristic birthmark on the snout, as unique as the movements of a single flame.

Type: Fire
: Raize is the mid form of a three-stage evolutionary line. It evolves from Raiber after levelling up 15 times. It requires levelling up 25 more times to evolve into Raican
Raiber Location:


Anahir – Best Defence & Sp. Defence

This tortured creature is the result of Dr. Hamijo’s attempts at creating a new “Diamond” variety. By picking the sturdiest variety of Crystal Temtem and submitting it to the harshest Fire environment of Anak, he has achieved something unique… and uniquely cruel.

Type: Fire
Location: It can only be obtained in the Anak Volcano during the Adventure in the Myrisles quest, after defeating Dr. Hamijo. It cannot be found in the wild.


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