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The Best Rated Temtem To Have In Your Squad

We wrote last year about Temtem the monster-collecting MMO inspired by Pokémon. It’s out now on Steam Early Access and has seen a good amount of traffic. Now the game will still be facing updates until it’s full release but we’ve played a while and got a handle on some of the best Temtem‘s around!

Now some of the major differences between Pokémon and Temtem lie not just in its online experience but in its combat. Emphasis is placed on strategy, stamina management, and type advantage. There are 12 different elements to take note off, with more Temtem being of dual nature. Keep all this in mind when building your team, but here are our recommendations for the best of the best.


Saku – Best Defence

Some say the first airship designs were inspired by this Temtem’s ability to inflate air pockets within its body, allowing it to float and drift with the prevailing winds.

Type: Nature / Wind
: Saku evolves from Kaku after levelling up 11 times


Gyalis – Best Speed

Gyalis have appeared in many horror movies. Sadly, this has resulted in a bad reputation as a “scary evil monster”, not helped by its menacing appearance – but in the hands of a kind tamer, Gyalis can be every bit as tender and loving as the plushest of Pigepics.

Type: Crystal / Melee


Volarend – Best Sp. Defence

Volarend are impressive avians of great wingspan, strong enough to carry humans in flight. However, they are temperamental and picky mounts, and tamers are well-advised to treat them kindly, lest they are given a one-way ticket to the Downbelow…

Type: Toxic / Wind
: Volarend evolves from Zephyruff after levelling up 22 times


Pigepic – Best Well Rounded Temtem

The absolute favourites of toddlers all around the Archipelago, Pigepic are fluffy, soft and absolutely adorable. Voluminous and cumbersome, they normally float low over the ground, making them ideal playmates for small children.

Type: Wind