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Pokémon GO: Trade Evolution Guide

If you’re a Pokémon veteran you’ll know that you can only get certain Pokémon by trading with another player. That is not the case for the location-based mobile game Pokémon Go. The game instead varies a little different from the tradition game by allowing you to evolve them solely through candy. Now, Niantic has changed that policy by allowing certain Pokémon to be evolved by trading. By trading these specific Pokémon its candy requirement will allow you to evolve the Pokémon for free.

While this new evolution method has only been recently added to Pokemon Go, it retroactively applies to past traded Pokémon. That means if you’ve previously received one of the eligible Pokémon through a trade, its Candy requirement to evolve will also be removed.

Now here’s the list. And if it looks familiar then you’re indeed a true Pokémon veteran. If only I could use it for that damn Swablu and Feebas.


Kadabra – Alakazam


Machoke – Machamp


Graveler – Golem & Alolan Graveler – Alolan Golem


Haunter – Gengar


Boldore – Gigalith


Gurdurr – Conkeldurr


Karrablast – Escavalier


Shelmet – Accelgor