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Indivisible – Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You About


Not Everyone Can Launch Or Trip

To get through an enemy’s block, you need to do a trip attack (down attack) followed by a launch attack (up attack) or vice versa. Some characters, however, don’t have access to these attacks. Dhar, for example, has no trip. Instead, he charges his stones with his down attack. Ajna herself can break blocks with any of her up attacks, but only the very first one, her axe launch, actually launches an enemy. Her follow-up arrows do not.


Jumping Out Of Small Passageways

Eventually, you will get the ability to do a corkscrew jump that will allow you to get through slightly elevated narrow passages. The game doesn’t tell you this, but you can do another corkscrew jump immediately after exiting a narrow passage in order to reach higher platforms or even enter a second passage. There are a few Ringsels that require chaining corkscrews like this.


Where Did My Ringsels Go?

You may notice your Ringsels disappearing randomly. This is likely because Indivisible treats Ringsels like strawberries in Celeste. You have to make it to safe ground (and also past a respawn point) to keep a Ringsel in your inventory. If you, say, fall on spikes and respawn you’ll have to pick up the Ringsel again.


Indivisible is out on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam, Mac, Linux.


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