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Indivisible – Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You About

Indivisible is one of the most outstanding JRPGs from last year, making our ‘Best Games You Missed From 2019‘ list! If you’re a fan of JRPGs and didn’t manage to check it out now is your chance to play it for free, with an Xbox Game Pass.

Indivisible is a gorgeous hand-drawn RPG by the team behind Skullgirls, Lab Zero. In Indivisible, players control Ajna and a host of colourful and quirky characters in a quest to save the world. Familiar story? But brand new gameplay mechanics. Indivisible combines turn-based RPG combat with 2D platform exploration. With any JRPG there’s a lot to figure out so we’re here to give you some tips of the trade.


The Level System

You may have noticed hearts instead of a general level system next to your incarnations. This is because incarnation strength is actually based on a few factors. First of all, all incarnations get stronger when Ajna gets stronger. So as long as Ajna keeps levelling up, your whole party will level up with her. However, the hearts represent an incarnation’s affinity with Ajna. It’s essentially a multiplier that magnifies (or penalizes in the case of negative affinity) their potential strength.

You can essentially look at this as an incarnation’s level, but remember that the number can be misleading. Dhar, for example, starts with a heavy negative modifier and has to work his way up to positive levels. This means he will be doing comparable damage at affinity level 1 to what other characters are doing at affinity level 20.


Damage Out Of Battle

You can actually damage enemies and build your Iddhi meter without ever entering battle. Once you get the bow and arrow power-up you will be able to shoot enemies on the map to stun them. They will remain in this stunned state until they touch the ground and go through their “wakeup” animation. During this time you can attack with any of your abilities without initiating a battle. You’ll actually see the enemy’s HP slowly go from white to red as you attack, indicating that it is close to death. I suggest initiating the battle right before they die to get maximum XP out of the group.


Don’t Spam Party Block

You might think that the left bumper, the party block button, is a great way to guarantee a flawless defence. The problem is, this spends a ton of Iddhi, meaning you can’t use it on supers or heals. Get used to parrying with individual characters. This will both heal you slightly and increase your Iddhi gauge. It will also protect you from devastating attacks that can only be parried.