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7 Star Trek Games To Boldly Play Before The Picard Premiere

Star Trek: Picard is premiering in a few short days on the 23rd. So let’s get our head in the game with the best of Star Trek gaming. There’s a lot to choose from in fact one of the first Star Trek games came out in the ’70s. Crazy. Put on your Starfleet uniform and join us as we go back in time to visit some of the best Star Trek games in the universe. Ready? Engage.


Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 1 and 2

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force is a first-person shooter that’s more about blasting that exploring the galaxy. Made by Raven Software, best known for its violent Soldier of Fortune series. Star Trek: Elite Force is action forward while still feeling suitably Star Trek-esque. 

The game begins with the Voyager lost in the depths of space, surrounded by enemies. And while on TV risking the senior staff for every mission works, in reality, it’s a pretty dreadful idea. Cue the Hazard Team, a specialist elite security force that’s been tasked with dealing with dangerous away missions. You’ll play as Engin Alex Munro and it’s up to you to protect the ship from the hostile Borg and Klingons. Voyager Elite Force is not quite playing peacekeepers of the galaxy, but it highlights a different part of Starfleet life.


Star Trek Online

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the MMORPG Star Trek Online. What’s better than actually taking control and exploring strange new worlds all of your own? The game mixes space combat with away team action and gives you plenty of freedom to explore and chart your own path through the game. Star Trek Online continues stories from the TV shows, and even brings actors back to voice their characters.

Unfortunately, since going free-to-play, much of the game pivoted around less enjoyable stuff. Grinding, the push for new ships, levelling up, you know the drill. But between those bits, there’s still much to enjoy. Including building up your crew and engaging in fun action against other players. It’s worth at least trying out, and playing for a while to enjoy the atmosphere and the satisfaction of commanding a ship in space. Cameos of your favourite characters range from the Original Series, The Next Generation, and Voyager.


Star Trek The Next Generation: A Final Unity

Probably the best game for you to play before watching the Star Trek: Picard series. A Final Unity puts you in control of the man himself, Captain Picard and the rest of the TGN crew in a mix of point and click adventure, puzzle-solving, and away team missions. There’s room too for ship-based combat as well as choices to deal with issues diplomatically. Or not.

The mix of different elements is much of why A Final Unity feels like a ‘true’ Star Trek game. You can search for various star systems, get to know the locals, while also choosing how best to deal with complicated situations.  A Final Unity feels like a true part of the Star Trek universe, even if the story is rather linear by modern standards. 


Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew doesn’t have the greatest of depth, but who can resist that hands-on VR bridge experience? Bridge Crew is a multiplayer game played through four roles: the captain, tactical officer, engineer, and helm officer. Each character has a part to play and is similar to Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. It works by giving each player bits of information that the other players don’t have. Forcing everyone to work together. The captain is the one responsible for communicating mission objectives, while the helm officer controls the ship’s course, the tactical officer deals with sensors and weaponry, and the engineer keeps a close eye on power distribution and repairs. 

It’s a neat form of teamwork in VR and it really feels as if you’re on board the helm of your own starship. After a time, you’ll realise that the experience is a little bit samey and repetitive. But with the right group of friends, it’s tough to resist all the same.