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TemTem Is A Pokémon Inspired MMO

If you prefer to catch ’em all in a shared open world with your friends, then you’re going to love TemTem. A monster-collecting MMO that’s coming to Steam’s Early Access on the 21st of January 2020.

To be clear, this is not a Pokémon game, nor is it being developed by Game Freak. But it’s unabashedly inspired by the franchise. Even the official Steam description states that this is a “massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokémon.” Reading the description and watching gameplay footage certainly looks familiar. But its MMO aspects and battle style that distinguish TemTem as more than just a Pokémon clone.

If you liked the open world dynamics featured in the Wild Area of Pokémon Sword and Shield, you’ll enjoy this. Travel around a floating archipelago with a team of your own monsters. Meet other tamers in an online shared-world where you can chat and battle with them. Customise your character, your home and of course catch every TemTem you can.

Gameplay-wise Temtem battles are always a two-on-two affair, even when you fight alone. It’s meant to add a deeper element of strategy to the game, with your monsters helping each other out. You’ll be able to set up powerful combo attacks. Monster raising borrows from Digimon, where breeding and management choices producing rare creatures you can’t find in the wild.

TemTem is being developed by Madrid-based studio Crema and is being published by Humble Bundle. Early Access will be exclusive to PC. but Crema has plans to release TemTem on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One at a later date.

TemTem will be out on Steam’s Early Access on January 21st. The gameplay so far includes three islands to explore, 76 TemTems to catch, and a 20-hour campaign. Naturally, Crema plans to build out each of these aspects substantially before the game gets a full release.