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SEA Game Awards 2019 Nominees – Malaysia


GigaBash by Passion Republic Games

GigaBash is an arena brawler featuring giant monsters (and heroes) battling it out in cities and exotic places around the world. 4 players control unique giants inspired by classic monsters and cause mayhem in various destructible arenas. GigaBash is currently scheduled for launch in late 2020. The story happens after many years since heroes have eradicated all the giant monsters when suddenly a mysterious force awakens ancient monsters around the world. And they’re out to wreak havoc. Play as different monsters and discover the secret of their origins, wage battles against friends, or go on a rampage, smashing up everything in a war against the clock.


Fires at Midnight by Persona Theory Games

A romance horror visual novel, Fires at Midnight is set in the ’90s and tells the story of a suicidal girl suffering from a lack of love. She waits in hope for her boyfriend to cure her depression by manufacturing a drug that simulates love. Colour me intrigued.

Fires at Midnight will be out sometime this month. The team is also working on two other interesting projects: Kabaret and Devil on the Radio. If you love storytelling you should definitely check them out.


Go Gold Castle by Lusolab Entertainment

I actually played this game about two years ago and it was a lot of fun! Go Gold Castle is 4 person party arena game that plays like a lighter, speedier Super Smash Bros. Your objective as the title suggests is to amass the highest amount of gold coins before the timer runs out. There’s another of different characters and environments to choose from, each with their own unique environmental hazard. I can’t really find out much online about the game launch and their social media seems to be inactive. But I guess we’ll be able to see them at Level Up KL.


Chandu VR: Tribute to the Malay Regiment by Virtual Reality FCM MMU

Following the story of Leftenan Adnan who fought Japanese Occupation during World War II in 1942. This two man student team has created a VR game to create the battlefield of former British Malaya. It embeds the player in one of our country’s historical events where this historical figure led 42 platoons of the Malay Regiment to defend what’s known as Singapore now from the rapid advance of Japanese soldiers at the beginning of World War II. This was known as the Battle of Bukit Candu. The two MMU University students Caleb Yong and Adnan Jazlan won the Gold Medal at the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX), earlier this year for Chandu VR.


Ageless by Balavicknesh A/L S Ravichanthiran

I had this issue last year trying to find more information and images about this game. Bala Vicknesh you really need to improve your online presence man. Okay, so this year I have a bit more information. Ageless is a narrative pixel platformer where you can alter the age of any living creature. It sounds vague but I’m in intrigued. I found this video from 2018 so expect it to look different now.


DeLight by DreamTree Studio

DeLight is a story-driven adventure game about a blind girl named Sammy who journeys to reunite with her parents in time of war. Helping her is a stray dog named Deli, her only companion in this journey. Throughout this journey, the duo will explore a battered city in search for a way out. Use your combined senses of smell, hearing and touch to overcome any obstacles in your way. The game has multiple endings so every choice you make will affect the final games outcome. Another entry by the extremely talented DreamTree Games, do be sure to check out their previous entry Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek (full review here).

DeLight doesn’t have a release date as of yet but is set to launch on PC and Mobile.


Zombie Soup by Aeonsparx Interactive Sdn. Bhd.

ZombieSoup is a fast-paced action shooter adventure game set in the late ’80s. The main protagonist Ricky, is a college kid backpacking around the world, looking for adventure. One day his journey leads him to a small town and upon waking up one night finds that the town has been infested by zombies and monsters. Chock full of ’80s nostalgia, you’ll use Ricky to shoot loot and dodge your way around town. Collecting weapons, finding survivors and encountering all the monsters, secrets and traps that the town has to offer.

You can download an early demo of their game on their itch.io or Gamejolt. Zombie Soup is set to come out in 2020 on the PC and Mac.


The Plight by Cellar Vault Games

Cellar Vault Games has been tinkering around with The Plight for a while and since I last saw their game in 2017 it looks so much better. The Plight is a first-person Malaysian Chinese themed horror game surrounding the mystery of gruesome murders committed by an old woman in her home nearly two decades before. It’s a first-person interactive story where you’ll be exploring the objects and world around you to solve puzzles and uncover the story of the deaths that have happened. You play the game as a young man looking after a catatonic old woman. During your stay in the house, strange things begin to happen that slowly reveals the hideous secret of the decades-old murders.

The Plight is out on Steam Early Access now.


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