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Pokémon Sword and Shield – Best Endgame Pokémon



Type: Ghost / Fire
Location: Evolves from Lampert at Lv. 41 with a Dusk Stone. Lampert evolves from Litwick at Lv. 41. Litwick can be caught in the Wild Area during heavy fog and sunny weather. It can also be caught during the 3rd Gym Challenge.

Chandelure has great typing and stats, along with access to strong moves like Overheat and Shadow Ball make Chandelure a great candidate for the Choice Scarf. It is also possible to do builds with Protect and Will-o-Wisp too, however.



Type: Fairy
Location: Sylveon evolves from Eevee via high friendship and knowing a Fairy move. Eevee can be found on Route 4.

Sylveon’s Hidden Ability Pixellate causes Normal moves to become the Fairy type and deal more damage. This can lead to massive damage from the move Hyper Voice, especially when coupled with a Choice Scarf. Tankier variants with Leftovers are also quite effective.



Type: Ground
Location: Evolves from Hippopotas at Lv. 34. Hippowdon can be found on Route 8.

Hippowdon has good Defense and HP, in addition to a fairly good Attack stat. He is a good Stealth Rock user and his ability to summon a Sandstorm can also be beneficial depending on the rest of your team.



Type: Rock / Ground
Location: Evolves from Rhydon by trading it with a Protector. Rhydon evolves from Rhyhorn at Lv. 42. Rhydon can be found on Route 10. And Rhydon on Routh 8.

Rhyperior’s incredible Defense stat, coupled with the Ability Solid Rock (lowers super effective damage taken) make it a great physical wall. Its high Attack also allows it to be a threat without investing many EVs into Attack. Assault Vest or Leftovers are recommended builds.



Type: Normal
Location: Evolves from Munchlax via high friendship

Snorlax is a Special Defense wall with incredible HP and a powerful Attack stat. He can also make use of the move Recycle, which allows him to use his held item multiple items in a battle. Coupled with the Gluttony ability, he can be very hard to deal with.



Type: Dark / Flying
Location: Sword exclusive. Evolves from Vullaby at Lv. 54. Vullaby can be found on Route 8.

Mandibuzz has very high defensive stats and access to the self-healing ability Roost. It also knows Foul Play, so it’s capable of stopping a Swords Dance or Dragon Dance user.


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