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Debuting Overwatch 2’s New Looks

BlizzCon 2019 revealed a sequel to the popular team-based hero shooter – Overwatch. I’m still on the fence whether this is really a direction I was hoping Overwatch would take but I remain optimistic! Overwatch 2‘s gameplay will focus on more story and PvE modes than the previous game. I’m excited to learn more about the characters as well as the story of Overwatch, which has so far been fairly disjointed. In the game’s big reveal we see a lot of our new characters get an updated look. Some are fairly subtle but others are definitely more noticeable. Let’s have a look, shall we?



The most drastic change to Lúcio here is his new neon turquoise hair extensions. I don’t know if this comes with a different array of powers but it does make him a little easier to spot on the field. His armour seems to have remained the same but he’s got a bit of a darker look, contrasted with neon green. It’s a good look and I am feeling those shoulder pads.



Probably the most controversial of haircuts, Mercy now sports a sort of asymmetrical bob. The favourite style of ladies that need to speak to your manager. I’m liking the slight upgrade in her armour this time around, with its golden sheen running through it. It looks like her wings got a bit of a tech upgrade too.



It looks like old man Reinhardt wants to show off his face and his armour will no longer have his helmet by default. He’s rocking all that hair I have to say and maybe due to his modelling contract for some hipster pomade now has to appear in public helmet-less. Reinhardt gets a little flash in his armour with the yellow thrown in, as well as the lion insignia in the chest plate. Very nice.



Winston didn’t get much of a change in Overwatch 2, I mean in all this time they couldn’t have picked him up a new pair of frames? Well, at least his armour looks to have been upgraded. Look at the thrusters on his jump pack now. Very stylish. He also has a re-buckled chest plate and is now sporting the Overwatch logo on his shoulder. It’s subtle. Also, am I imagining things or does he have a beard going on? And did he tint his hair a darker shade?? Why.



Our leading lady and poster girl of Overwatch, it’s Tee-racer! The biggest change this time around is her goggles and jacket. It looks like everyone in Overwatch got a bit of a tech upgrade. Her leggings are slightly darker and those god-awful shoes have finally been changed. Praise be! The only thing is that her little holster things are gone. Isn’t there where she keeps her guns? Where does she carry them now?



Thicc is the new thin. I mean I get why a Ninja would need skin-tight body armour for the most manoeuvrability, but now he’s wearing some sort of tracksuit into battle?! Again, why. I’m not sure how I feel about this, he barely looks like a ninja now. But as part of the Overwatch 2 narrative (as seen in the trailer), it appears that Genji will be returning to his mentor Zenyatta. Maybe Zen doesn’t want that much Genji on display in front of him.



I am not feeling Mei’s outfit, it’s like she went from Gucci to Gap. She’s missing a bunch of furs so I’m guessing she’s either acclimatizing to the cold weather or she’s slowly making her way out of Antarctica. Either way, tragic. At least her hair is on point, side clips are so hot right now.