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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Where To Land To Get An Edge

Goodbye, black hole and welcome Fortnite Chapter 2! With this new chapter comes a new map with loads of new places to explore. If you’re a veteran you know that your landing spot can really help give you a boost in that early game. We’re here to give you the lowdown on one of the most important aspects of any battle royale – location, location, location.

When looking for a good landing spot, the main things to consider is its loot-frequency, popularity, and vehicles. As usual, you’re going to need to balance out the risk vs reward aspect of the game. Will you head to a high traffic area with lots of loot? But risk being eliminated early on. Or are you going to play the long game and pick a quieter area to farm?


Slurpy Swamp

Image Credit: Dexerto

The Slurpy Swamp is an excellent spot to get some early game loot. But what makes it great is that you won’t need to drink any shield potions to get full shields. The swamp and its neighbouring factory have plenty of Slurp Juice just lying around, with convenient ways of accessing it. In and around the factory are Slurp Kegs that you can break open, with each one giving you 10 shields and some metal materials. You can also just sit in the water in the most light-bluish part, and your shield will slowly increase. With all the shields and loot chests in the area, it makes this place a highly valuable drop zone.

Additionally, the swamp has a lot of woodpiles, so you can obtain a ton of wood very quickly. There’s also plenty of weapons and shields are up for grabs, and lots of upgrade benches dotted around the area as well. Slurpy Swamp is a suitable drop zone for beginner and expert players. Due to the availability of health and shields from the vats, tankers and barrels. If it gets too much for you, there are nearby motorboats available for that quick getaway. All in all, this is a great landing spot, but it is growing more popular by the day. So get ready to start fighting early in the game here.


Sweaty Sands

Located on the west side of the map, Sweaty Sands is a small beach town with a large boardwalk. Sweaty Sands has more chests than almost every other town on the new map, which means you should walk out of here with plenty of good weapons. It is a large town, though, so looting it all can take some time. Wood, stone and metal are in high quantities throughout the area, as are loot chests. It’s a good place to low key start and then move quickly across the map. By using the boat that gives you access to the river in the bay.

Side note: (With the credit going to Reddit user FortyNine Milkshakes) Underneath the boardwalk and scattered across the beaches are extra buried loot chests. You have to use your eyes to spot them though because they don’t give off the typical loot chest sound. With all that extra loot, along with the nearby upgrade station and all the materials available, Sweaty Sands is an ideal starting point for Fortnite Chapter 2.


Dirty Docks

On the far east side of the Fortnite Chapter 2 map is Dirty Docks. Similar to Dusty Depot, Dirty Docks has a couple of large, open hangers where you’ll find a decent amount of loot. Dirty Docks does not seem to get a lot of players, even though it has pretty good loot. This makes it a perfect spot to land and gear up very quickly. It also hosts some vehicles, which will allow you to get around the map faster. Great for beginners or people playing the long game, Dirty Docks is a good place to get loot and leave unscathed.


Steamy Stacks

Positioned in the northeast corner of the new map, Steamy Stacks is an industrial zone with two large plants being powered by Kevin The Cube. Steamy Stacks essentially replaces the Pressure Plant and features the same flying mechanic within its two large towers. This gives you a ton of mobility to quickly move across the factory. You’ll have access to lots of metal materials, plenty of loot chests, a weapon upgrade station. And most importantly, access to two different modes of easy-to-use transportation. There are also power lines that players can use as ziplines, taking you south.

If you’re good with a shotgun, consider landing here: there is a lot of opportunity for close-range combat in all the cramped buildings. At the same time, Steamy Stacks is a pretty large drop spot, so you can get a decent inventory and walk out without being engaged.


Misty Meadows

Across the lake from Lazy Lake is Misty Meadows, a small northern European-style town. Nearby mountains offer elevation and a large lake with plenty of boat locations. Boats, of course, give you plenty of options to quickly move across the map. Misty Meadows is a quieter place to farm and has a lot of good loot potential and wood. Start your game peacefully here before heading to a busier spot.